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The English Department at Red Bank Regional provides students with a rigorous, comprehensive approach to the study of literature and the language arts. Our students’ journey begins with a survey of literature genres and proceeds to American Literature, where the inseparable bond between literature and its times emerges. A British/World Literature course follows American Literature, opening doors to the foundation of the English language and examining the impact of geo-political matters upon literature and American culture. Our capstone course for seniors, Humanities, illuminates the the-matic interconnectedness of literature, music, architecture, philosophy, and the fine arts. Motivated juniors and seniors have a wide array of accelerated courses available to them, including Advanced Placement Language and Composition, Advanced Placement Literature and Composition, and Humanities Honors. Creative Writing, Drama/Acting, Film Studies, Public Speaking, and Journalism electives offer all students the opportu-nity to further pursue their individual interests. Rooted in the traditional canon, with an eye toward the diverse literature that expands the intellectual and cultural horizons of all of our students, the English program at Red Bank Regional prepares all students for the challenges awaiting them in higher education and for their role as active, informed par-ticipants in the global community.