Superintendent's Narrative

Dr. Jim Stefankiewicz
Welcome to Red Bank Regional High School!

Red Bank Regional High School District prides itself on its academic achievement, performance excellence, athletic prowess and cultural diversity.

Red Bank Regional High School (RBR) is currently positioned as one of the highest performing public high schools in the nation and New Jersey. RBR ranks in the top 2% of high schools nationwide according to Newsweek Magazine. Red Bank Regional is delighted to once again be recognized by NJ Monthly in its Top High Schools List in the State of New Jersey. RBR improved its standing moving up in rank from #89 in 2006 to #41 in 2012. The New Jersey Department of Education has rated RBR as a “High Performing School”.

Red Bank Regional offers numerous Advanced Placement and Honors courses in a variety of subject areas. Over 30% of our students take Advanced Placement courses. RBR is also one of only 12 New Jersey high schools to offer the prestigious International Baccalaureate program. Being an IB World School ensures that our students have the opportunity to be well prepared for the global marketplace. RBR also houses an award-winning English Language Learner program.

Over 90% of RBR graduates go on to college. Our former students are currently succeeding at Harvard, MIT, Yale, Duke, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Stevens Institute of Technology, Julliard, NYU, College of New Jersey, and countless other outstanding institutions of higher learning.

Red Bank Regional follows a Smaller Learning Communities model. All students who enter RBR are enrolled in our Freshman Academy. By 10th grade, all students choose an academy which will become their personal learning environment for the remainder of their high school experience. RBR’s career-themed academies are:

Academy of Visual & Performing Arts

Academy of Engineering and Information Technology

Academy of Finance

Academy of Sports Medicine & Management

Academy of International & Cultural Studies

Academy of Math & Science

Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences

Through these programs, all RBR students experience a personal learning atmosphere that helps them propel to new heights. One would be hard-pressed to find a high school with the breadth of offerings and supports as Red Bank Regional.

In the area of performance, RBR’s Academy of Visual and Performing Arts is unmatched. The finest talent from all over Monmouth County converges to create the most inspiring Arts program in New Jersey. Under the tutelage of outstanding instructors, our VPA students consistently shine on a state and national level.

Performance is not, however, limited to the Arts. Students in our Academies of Engineering, Information Technology, and Finance show off their skills and talents at various local, state, and national competitions each year. This past year, RBR had a National Championship team in Cyber Security and a state winner in the Stock market game.

On the field of play, RBR athletic teams excel. RBR offers 27 varsity sports, more than any other high school in Monmouth County. Our students and teams have achieved countless honors for their exhaustive effort and inspiring teamwork.

Demographically, Red Bank Regional High School is one of the most diverse high schools in New Jersey. The beauty of the RBR student population is that it mirrors the demographics of the state and the country. This diversity enriches our students and is a learning experience in and of itself. RBR students are not sheltered. They are open-minded, rich in ideas, and accepting of various viewpoints.  

The staff at Red Bank Regional is a dedicated and hard-working group of professionals.  With excellent support from parents and community, Red Bank Regional strives to achieve excellence for all students.

Jim Stefankiewicz, Ed.D.
(732) 842-8000 ext. 1247