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Special Education

CHILD FIND Red Bank Regional High School District is looking for children ages 14-21 who may have delays in vision, hearing, learning, motor skills, language, or behavior. If you are concerned about your child's development please contact the Office of Special Services at 732-842-8000. Espanol - Red Bank Regional High School District esta buscando niños entre las edades de 14-21 años que pueden tener dificultades con la vision, la audición, aprendisaje, habilidades motoras, lenguaje o conducta. Si usted esta preocupado por el desarrollo de su hijo, por favor contacta la Oficina de Servicios Especiales a 732-842-8000

This department offers a continuum of special education classes, related services and supplementary aids and services. The IEP Team develops a program of instruction for each classified student that meets his/her individual needs. Resource centers provide replacement classes for academic subjects. In-class support is a collaborative approach between the subject specialist and special education teacher in the regular education classroom. Self-contained classes provide for greater structure and support creating the foundation for an individual student's program.