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Psychologists and Personality Test Links

Music Personality

The Big Five Personality Test

Big Five Mini-Test



The Virtual Reference Library Online Database
We also have several print reference sources that have information.
Maria Montesorri
Lev Vygotsky
Erik Erikson
Margaret Mahler
Jean Piaget
Mary Ainsworth
Elisabeth Kubler Ross
Melanie Klein
John Bowlby
Sigmund Frued
Anna Freud
Alfred Adler

Dream Interpretation at Freud and Jung
Dream Manual (look at links on bottom)
The Quantitative Study of Dreams
Yahoo: Sleep & Dreams
Dream Related Sites on the Net


Reforming American Society



Reforming American Society

The online databases, particularly Facts on File  and the e-Virtual Reference Library will be helpful for your research.  They may be accessed from the Media Center Online Database page.

Also, to find materials in our collection, from the online database page you can click the link for Destiny to search.

Here are some web links that may be helpful:


Psychology Resources

Research Resources

Here is some information on resources available to you  in the Media Center at RBR, through our subscription online databases and the web.

Print Resources:
150 Col:  Dictionary of Psychology
150 Gal: Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology
150 Joh:  The Complete Idiot's Guide to Psychology
150 Moo:
Classic Experiments in Psychology
150 Psy:
Psychology Basics
150.3 Con:
Concise Encyclopedia of Psychology
153.103 Enc: Encyclopedia of Learning and Memory

Online Databases:

EBSCO (make sure to include Health Source and ERIC in your searches)

(may be accessed from home with username and password: rbrbucs)

Gale Virtual Reference Library
(accessible from home with the password: rbrhs)

Books that are searchable in the reference library include:
Psychologists and Their Theories for Students
International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family ,
The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology ,
Careers and Occupations: Looking to the Future ,
Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol & Addictive Behavior
The Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health ,
The Gale Encyclopedia of Neurological Disorders ,


 RBRHS Media Center Psychology Pagecast:  a collection of news feeds from some popular psychology sources.

Psychology Links by Subject Area
Maintained by Wesleyan University

Self-help and Psychology Magazine
This is an educational publication written by mental health professionals for the purpose of discussing psychology as it applies to everyday life. Includes full text of articles.

Psychological Research on the Net

Links to psychological experiments on the Internet from the American Psychological Society.

A very comprehensive site which includes a List of Scholarly Psychology Resources on the Web and is organized by topic

Search for articles on a psychological topic in Medline, the medical database provided by the National Library of Medicine. This database covers the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and the preclinical sciences. It contains bibliographic citations and author abstracts from millions of medical references.