Chromebook FAQ

Question: What happens if I forgot to bring my Chromebook or to charge it at home?

Answer: Students are expected to charge their Chromebooks nightly at home and bring them to school fully charged. Loaners are not available and you will be without a Chromebook for the day. Students may be able to charge the Chromebook in the media center before school or during study hall.

Question: What do I do if my Chromebook has a problem or doesn’t work?

Answer: Bring your device to the Media Center to the Chromebook Tech Support desk. If your device needs to be sent out for repair, you will be given a loaner.

Question: Can I send and receive email from my address

Answer: You can send and receive email with fellow RBR students using your address @ You can send and receive messages from your teachers at their email address @

Question: Do I need to have Wi-Fi to use my Chromebook?

Answer: Many of the functions of the Chromebook require WiFi access, but the Chromebook offers the possibility through some applications for users to work in "offline" mode if WiFi is not available. Students have been advised to move the necessary files from their drive to their download folder before they leave the school for easy offline access.

If you do not have access to WiFi in your home, please let your Guidance Counselor or a teacher know. There are portable WiFi devices available.

Question: Do Chromebooks come with Internet filtering?

Answer: Yes, Chromebooks are subject to Internet filtering according to district policy. RBR filters access to the Internet both on school property and at home.

Question: Does the Chromebook have antivirus software built in?

Answer: It is not necessary to have antivirus software on Chromebooks. The Chromebook operating system is implemented in such a way that it can not be compromised.

Question: Can I print from my Chromebook?

No, your Chromebook RBR does not have printing capability.

RBR and Google Apps for Education encourage the digital transfer of information by sharing and / or emailing information, class assignments and assignments whenever possible.

You can use the computers in the Media Center if you need to print.

Question: How good is the battery life on the Chromebook?

Answer: Chromebooks have a battery life of 6.5 hours. However, we expect students to load them each night to ensure maximum performance during the school day.

Question: Do I need to keep the Chromebook in the supplied carrying case?

Answer: Yes, keep the Chromebook in its carrying case for safety and protection.

Question: What type of software runs on the Chromebook?

Answer: Chromebooks run web-based applications or web applications that open directly in the browser. You can access the available web applications by typing their URL in the address bar.