As the 2018 - 19 school year comes to an end, the Red Bank Regional School District encourages all students to keep their school-issued Chromebook over the summer.  The move follows a another successful  year of our 1:1 initiative involving more than 1200 students fulfilling our vision of connecting our students to remarkable resources, inspiring creativity and innovation anytime and anywhere. Keeping the same device from year-to-year will also promotes student ownership of devices and drastically reduces the amount of instructional time lost to collection and distribution of Chromebooks each year.


    Students are encouraged to use their devices to pursue academic learning, hobbies, and other passions as long as those pursuits would be appropriate on a school-issued device.  Examples include reading, writing, science and math activities.


    Even if a student does not intend to use the device over the summer, we ask families to consider storing the device at home.  Doing so guarantees that the student will have access to their Chromebook on the very first day of school. These devices do not require regular maintenance over the summer and can be safely stored on a shelf with the charger nearby. It is important that the device is fully charged prior to the start of school.  If a student or parent chooses not to keep their device over the summer they may opt-out by returning the device to the Media Center and same device will be distributed upon return.


    All Chromebooks will continue to be filtered according to local, state, and federal policies and will remain the
    property of Red  Bank Regional School District.  Any damage to the devices will be repaired in the fall according to the current format of reporting to the Media Center. 


    A lost or stolen device or an unexpected move should be reported immediately to the main office


    No action is necessary to participate in the Summer Chromebook program​.  We will simply verify that each
    student has the correct device at the end of this year.  We will also perform a technology check-up at the close of school and at the opening of school in the fall.





    John Daniels

    Network Administrator