• Q: Who can come?

    The SOURCE is available to all RBR students and their families. Parental consent is required.


    Q: Where is The Source located?

    We are in RBR, located behind the pit and next to the cafeteria.


    Q: When are you open?

    The SOURCE is open Monday through Friday, 7:30am-3:30pm when school is in session.


    Q: What is the cost?

    All our services are free of charge to RBR students and their families.


    Q: Is this confidential?

    Our staff will not disclose information to anyone without a student's consent; except in the case of an emergency.


    Q: Can the SOURCE help with a student's school work?

    Our staff works closely with guidance counselors, teachers and the child study team to help students to develop academic strategies for success. Sharing and solving problems and worries can help grades improve too.


    Q: What type of recreational activities is available at the SOURCE?

    Students can participate in recreational activities that are designed to enlighten, excite and entertain them. Activities range from trips to Fright Fest at Great Adventure to New Jersey Nets basketball games and Broadway Shows.


    Q: Do you offer family planning and health services?

    We can connect students with free confidential services in the community who can provide a range of services including; preventative medical and dental care, and reproductive health.


    Q: Is parental consent required to meet with a student?

     We are required to have a Source consent form to meet with a student regularly. Consent must be provided parent/guardian by the second appointment.