Goal 1: Expand the use of educational technology to increase student engagement and technology integration into the instructional program.

Chromebooks distributed to all students
Unified PDP for all teachers and staff centered on instructional technology
Research and implement “blended learning” options for students

Goal 2: Expand access to and enrollment in programs that link students to real world career options and college readiness experiences. These programs include dual enrollment courses, AP and IB programs, as well as programs that serve the needs of both college-bound and non-college bound students.

Continued outreach to parents and students in all communities
Form a district Option #2 Committee to review procedures and recommend additions to program, i.e. credit for career exploration, college coursework, internships, etc.
10 percent increase in PARCC scores in Algebra 1 and English 2
To develop shared expectations for number of writings, expectations on writing skills, and rigor for English and Social Studies classes in each and across grade levels

Goal 3: Implement and institutionalize a comprehensive Response to Intervention Program

Acquire and utilize comprehensive data systems and screenings to inform decision making
Map all 9th grade and 10th grade core curriculum by January 2019 to ensure alignment with NJSLS and district anchor standards in literacy and math
Establish Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions to support students experiencing difficulty
Implement an “Early Warning System” to identify attendance, behavior, and academic issues and a tiered response
Revise district attendance policies and regulations to align with course-based attendance

Goal 4: To increase community engagement by educating residents about the purposes and goals of the facility referendum to be decided upon by the voters on December 11, 2018

Establish a Referendum Advisory Committee
Create a district Referendum Website
Develop and implement a “get out the vote” campaign (GOTV)
Develop a marketing/information program