Goal 1: Expand the use of educational technology to increase student engagement and technology integration into the instructional program.

Goal 1Expand access, enrollment, and achievement in programs that strengthen college and career readiness
Diversify enrollment in AP and IB classes, with specific attention to students who have consistently been underrepresented in these programs
Recommend revisions to IB program to enhance enrollment in Diploma program
Develop recommendations to increase student participation in Option 2 programs that award credit for career exploration, college coursework, internships, and service.
Implement the SAT for all juniors

Goal 2Achieve a 10 percent increase in students meeting proficiency on NJSLA in Algebra 1 and English 10
Monitor and map revised core curriculum to ensure alignment with NJSLS
  • Monitor and map alignment with Next Generation Science Standards and NJSLS Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • Monitor and map alignment with district anchor standards in literacy (NJ SLS: Literacy in History, Social Studies, Science, & Technical Subjects)
Collect and analyze data to make informed, collaborative decisions to support and enhance what we do
  • Implement diagnostic benchmarks for students in Algebra 1, English 9, and English 10.
  • Develop and refine practices on sharing data and addressing areas of concern using Link It
Review department assessments to ensure alignment with NJSLS

Goal 3Continue to Implement a comprehensive Response to Intervention Program that meets the needs of all students
To develop shared expectations for number of writings, expectations on writing skills and rigor for ELA/SS in each course and across grade levels
Revise district attendance policies and regulations to align with course-based attendance
Improve and Implement Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions, including Inspire Academy, to support the success of all students

Goal 4Support and promote a school culture that focuses on strengthening the Instructional Core
Utilize walkthroughs and Instructional Rounds to promote shared expectations about excellence in the CORE
Develop “Look Fors” with teachers and leadership team that provide actionable feedback on the strength of the CORE
Continue to strengthen assessment practices that foster student engagement and agency

BOE GoalImprove communication between our district, communities, and families
Establish a Community Advisory Board that meets four times per year to provide feedback on advice to the Board of Education and Administration
Establish calendar for attendance at community and municipal meetings by school administration and BOE
Develop a marketing/information program for the district