1. The maroon row is the District Goal and will be affirmed by the BOE on September 14.
  2. The white rows below identify actions or “objectives” that support the district goals and will be posted under the District Goals.
- Progress is moving well near completion
- Progress is ongoing
- Progress is stopped or halted
- Not yet in progress

Ensure an efficient return to normal school programs post-COVID-19
Implement revised COVID-19 response plan
Integration of social-emotional-learning and mental health supports in total school program
Establish Learning Recovery Teams to monitor curriculum upgrades and revisions
Develop and implement shared expectations in critical areas (virtual instruction, grading, student expectations)

Promote equity and excellence for all students by expanding access, enrollment, and achievement in programs that strengthen college and career readiness
Develop an “all in” strategy by 2023-24 in which all students enroll in at least one advanced English Language Arts course in grades 11 or 12 (IB English, AP Comp, AP Lit, Rutgers Composition, or Rutgers Expository).
Develop and implement Academic Mentoring program for first-year students
Develop and articulate expectations for “on track” indicators for students in grades 6-12 (partnership with Columbia Teachers College and K-8 partners)
Sustained outreach to parents and students in all communities using digital and in-person programs
Implement revisions to IB program to enhance enrollment in IB Diploma program
All grade 9 students enrolled in Biology for 2021-22 and reduce the number of math “concepts” sections in core areas.
Restart school equity team to identify and expand understanding of equity goals

Ensure that all students are empowered to find agency, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose as they progress through their high school program
Implement distinguished scholars pathway in humanities for freshmen
Develop platforms for students to archive, publish, and showcase their work
Design culinary arts pathway for implementation in 2021-22
Utilize the C-R-E (Culturally Relevant Education) framework to increase student engagement and success
Update Option 2 procedures and recommend additions to the program, i.e. credit for career exploration, college coursework, internships, etc.

Promote instructional and program coherence using the school-wide “look-fors” identified by the professional staff in 2018-19
Develop and implement multi-year professional learning pathway for non-tenured teachers anchored in best practices (Anchor practices: SIOP, C-R-E, Rutgers Writing/Literacy, Link-It, S-E-L)
Utilize “Instructional Rounds” to promote shared expectations about excellence in the CORE
Develop and implement norms for “Instructional Rounds” that empowers teachers
Plan an external program evaluation of RBR programs using the resources of the New Jersey Network of Superintendents. (Focus interviews with students are planned.)

Strengthen School-Community Relations
Plan and implement a new district website
Continue CAB to support open communication within RBR community
Expand efforts to ensure families are aware of educational opportunities in high school and after graduation
Develop a roadmap to develop a new strategic plan for the district for 2023-2025 (Starting in Spring 2022)

Foster Better Communication and Relations between the BOE, School Administration, and Faculty
Reestablish the Faculty Advisory Board based on input from teachers, staff, and administration
Review roles of current committees and regularize procedures and responsibilities, e.g. ScIP, RtI
Work with the RBR Board of Education to develop a roadmap to develop a new strategic plan for the district for 2023-2025. (Starting in Spring 2022)