1. The maroon row is the District Goal.
  2. The white rows below identify actions or “objectives” that support the district goals and will be posted under the District Goals.
- Progress is moving well near completion
- Progress is ongoing
- Progress is stopped or halted
- Not yet in progress

Promote equity and excellence for all students by expanding access, enrollment, and achievement in programs that strengthen college and career readiness
Continue to implement the “all in” strategy in which all students, beginning with the Class of 2025, enroll in at least one advanced English Language Arts course in grades 11 or 12 (IB English, AP Comp, AP Lit, Rutgers Composition, or Rutgers Expository).
Implement Pre-AP Frameworks in ELA 9 and 10 to strengthen rigor, collaboration, and accountability
Implement embedded honors program to provide students with learning acceleration options in ELA 9, 10, and Global Studies, including student publishing in academic non-fiction
Evaluate alternate master schedules that more effectively address student and program needs than current A/B Block

Ensure that our school program promotes the growth of all students as individuals and integrates instruments and structures to appropriately challenge and enable all students to realize their full potential.
Prioritize differentiated instructional strategies in the district PD plan to support staff in meeting the needs of diverse learners
Implement new tools including MAPS and Pre-AP benchmarks to monitor student progress and provide parents, teachers, and students with the information they need to monitor progress and intervene early when needed.
Update Option 2 procedures and recommend additions to the program, i.e. credit for career exploration, college coursework, internships, etc.
Refine and update “look-fors” to support instructional rounds by having every Supervisor conduct a set number of walkthroughs in and outside their content area
Implement and expand choice options in physical education

Promote a school culture and environment based on the “whole child” model that promotes the physical, social, academic, and emotional growth of all students.
Continued integration of social-emotional-learning and mental health supports in the total school program.
Implement changes and improvements to Freshman Academic Mentoring program/AFS
Implement “Early Warning/Intervention System” to identify and respond to mental health, attendance, and academic challenges when they emerge increase academic achievement
Continue to monitor students participation in athletics and activities to ensure maximum benefit
Implement mental health supports geared towards our student athletes.

Strengthen School-Community Relations
Plan and implement new district website
Continue CAB to support open communication within RBR community
Develop a roadmap to develop a new strategic plan for the district for 2023-2028.

Recruit and retain high quality staff
Implement exit interview for departing staff
Report to BOE on trends regarding staff departures 2018-2022
Develop recruitment plan to attract diverse and exceptional educators to the district