• April 2019


    Dear Colleagues, Families, and Students,


    On February 20, 2019 a presentation was made to the Board of Education on district goals for the current academic year.  Below is a summary of the report. 


    Our district is proud of these goals, our progress, and the ongoing work of the remarkable staff at RBR.  The goals are aligned with the five-year strategic plan that was adopted in October 2016.   For more information please see the “District Goals” tab on the website.


    Best wishes for success everyone.  Spring is here!




    Louis Moore




    Goal #1:  Expand the use of educational technology, including Google School platforms, to increase student engagement and technology integration into the instructional program.  


    Teachers and students are continuing to expand the use of Google Applications for Education--including Google Classroom--to collaborate, discover, and investigate real-world problems in all subjects.   In addition, new programs have been piloted this year to support blended learning in mathematics and literacy.
    Students utilize their Chromebooks to record and analyze their progress in the fitness center.



    Here are a few additional highlights:


    • Chromebooks have been distributed to all students, meaning that RBR is now a true “1-1 environment.”
    • The Instructional Technology Committee is meeting regularly to recommend additional professional development programs and to monitor progress.  All teachers are engaged in professional learning activities in support of this goal.
    • Our second “parent tech night” was held at the Lunch Break in Red Bank on March 8.  Thanks to RBR staff and Buc Backers for the support!




    Goal #2: Expand access to and enrollment in programs that link students to real world career options and college readiness experiences.  These programs include dual enrollment courses, AP and IB programs, as well as programs that serve the needs of both college-bound and non-college bound students.

    Highlights include:


    • Student participation in dual enrollment, AP, and IB courses continues to be strong.
    • A new curriculum mapping process has been used to review and write curriculum.  All core courses in grades 9 and 10 have been revised to align with new NJ Student Learning Standards and the new frameworks are now accessible to teachers, families, and students.
    • RBR Guidance Director Jason Sabino helped plan the first Trade and Jobs Fair at the Monmouth County Career Center in February.   Over 50 Monmouth County employers, trade schools, and armed services organizations participated.  
    • Fifty students participated in RBR’s first “Instant Decision Day.”  Over 60 college acceptances and $2.25 million in merit scholarships were offered to RBR students.  The event was planned by Jason Sabino and RBR Guidance.
    • The English and Social Studies departments, under the leadership of Thomas McDonough, are strengthening the writing program by developing unified expectations for the frequency and types of writing students are expected to complete.  RBR teachers are also exploring the use of online writing portfolios to showcase, publish, and archive student work.



    Goal #3: Implement and institutionalize a comprehensive Response to Intervention Program


    • RTI is an instructional and support framework that focuses on preventing and addressing problems.
    • 75 Tiered Intervention Plans have been developed and new screening tools are being utilized in Math and ELA.  The Academic Focused Support (AFS) program provides targeted interventions during study periods.
    • RBR has been commended by the Office of Student Support Services for our methodical and data driven approach to identifying issues and the incorporation of the district’s Data Coordinator and Reading Specialist on the RTI team.


    Goal #4:  To increase community engagement by educating residents about the purposes and goals of the facility referendum to be decided upon by the voters on December 11, 2018

    • Over 60 events were held to inform the public.  
    • A comprehensive website was developed and an active social media campaign was conducted with the help of a dedicated and diverse community advisory group.
    • The positive outcome reflected support for the referendum and demonstrated the faith of our community in RBR, especially our remarkable staff and administration.