Fall Update


    Dear Families and Students,




    Referendum For RBR. Use your vote!   All eligible members of the RBR community are encouraged to come out and vote on December 11, 2018 at designated polling places.  You can check out the Referendum website for more information on this important initiative.


    Academic Support:  The second marking period started on November 12 and before long midterms will be here.  Please remember that all RBR students can utilize these supports whenever needed:

    • Peer tutoring is offered during lunch periods in the media center.  Students should see their guidance counselor for additional information.
    • Teachers are available for extra-help by appointment.
    • The library is open until 5:15 PM Monday-Thursday for homework help. Physical education make-up classes are also available; please refer to school website for times.
    • RBR Community Tutoring is available Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-7:30 PM at the Lunch Break, located at 121 Dr. James Parkers Blvd. in Red Bank. Dinner is provided


    RBR “Chain of Command”:  As you may be aware, Principal Risa Clay has been on leave since the opening of school.  Please continue to follow these steps to resolve any issues that may emerge regarding your student’s educational experience:


    1. Classroom Teacher,
    2. Guidance Counselor and/or Case Manage for IEP students
    3. Department Supervisor
    4. Assistant Principal, Mr. Donohoe
    5. Superintendent, Dr. Moore.


    During Mrs. Clay’s absence, please contact Mr. Donohoe or myself if you have questions that you would normally direct to the principal’s office. 


    Curriculum Updates:  The new curriculum tab on our website provides access to important resources and information.  Note that our district is using the Rubicon Atlas digital platform to share curriculum guides with students and families.  At present, core classes in grade 10 and certain electives can be viewed. New courses will become available throughout the academic year.


    Tech Help Desk:  A new service available to the RBR Community is the student run tech help center or “BUC-IT” desk in the Media Center.  Any student having issues with their Chromebooks should stop by.   Thanks to the students and Mr. Milonas for this tremendous effort!   (BUC-IT=Bring Us Computers In Trouble).


    Community Forum: On January 17, Jeremy Robbins, an expert on economic, legal, and immigration issues and chairman of the New American Economy, will speak to the RBR community.  You may recall that Jeremy spoke to students last year and received very positive feedback.  The program will take place at 7 PM in the RBR Auditorium.  Part of the program will include a panel discussion led by RBR staff, students, and community members.  Thanks to the Buc Backers, the Source, and the Student Advisory Board for sponsoring this event.


    Visual and Performing Arts Events.


    6              Winter Piano and Harp Concert RBR’s Auditorium at 7pm

    7              National Art Honor Society’s Bob Ross Painting Party RBR’s Commons
                    at 6pm

    14           Winter Choir Concert RBR’s Auditorium at 7pm

    19           Winter Band Concert RBR’s Auditorium at 7pm


    11           Winter Dance Show RBR’s Auditorium at 7pm

    16           Winter Orchestra Concert RBR’s Auditorium at 7pm



    Superintendent’s Coffees. “Coffee and Conversation” will resume on these dates: Saturday, January 5, February 23.  Both will be at 9 AM in the BOE office.  Check our website for updates and future meetings.


    Traffic Concerns at RBR. Automobile congestion during arrival and dismissal times can pose a potential danger to our school community, is stressful, and has a negative impact on our environment.  Here are some helpful steps to consider:


    Make an effort to reduce trips by car.  I encourage everyone--students, parents, and staff--to consider the following actions:

    • Carpool (but remember probationary license restrictions for new drivers)
    • Utilize bus service if you are eligible
    • If appropriate, consider walking or biking to school


    Arrange for pick-ups after 2:50 PM.  By this time the buses have departed and most of the student lot is also empty.  By arriving a little later, parents will help reduce congestion, improve traffic flow, and greatly enhance everyone’s safety


    Remember: If everyone uses the car one day less day per week, that potentially translates into a 20 percent reduction in congestion and emissions.


    On behalf of the faculty, staff, and administration, we wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a happy and peaceful New Year!  Go Bucs!





    Louis Moore