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RBR Senior Achieves College Broadcasting Journalism Certification

RBR Senior Achieves College Broadcasting Journalism Certification

RBR senior, Neil Villapiano is shown manning the broadcasting desk  at Hofstra University

 Neil Villapiano comes from a very sports-connected family. His cousin Phil Villapiano played professional football for the Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders over a successful 11-year long career. From a very young age, he was not just interested in sports but wanted to write and broadcast it.

            His ambition manifested itself in a long commute he faithfully made over two years from his home in Little Silver, NJ, to Hofstra University in Long Island where he attended its Sports Journalism and Broadcasting Institute for Teens.  Two trains and a bus later (for a total of seven hours of commuting each day!), Neil’s persistence paid off as he achieved his Certification in Broadcast Journalism from Hofstra University.

            “You only do that if it is something you really want to do, and I wanted to do this all my life,” He explains.

            The program is part of the University’s Professional Development School.  Neil took courses on preparing and conducting sports-related interviews, sports writing and blogging, voice coaching, sports radio and hosting, sports producing and editing, among others. He interviewed with many sport news professionals in the field including Keith Irrizary of WPIX, Steve Gelbs of Sports Net New York, Bruce Beck of NBC News and the Mets and Kenny Albert of NBC and the National Hockey League.

            Neil states, “I made a special connection with one of the counselors who works at Penn State and was invited to the college to share my experiences.”

            Penn State is among a list of other colleges he will investigate to offer him a sports broadcasting major and an opportunity to broadcast his school’s sporting events. His preferred sport, of course, would be college football. In the meantime, Neil is eager to share his newly honed skills in interviewing RBR athletes for his student newspaper, The Buccaneer. He is also discussing doing live college broadcasts for a radio station in New Jersey. No doubt, Neil’s affable personality and resonating speaking voice will be great assets as he seeks his career goal.

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