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RBR Honors its Long-Serving Staff

RBR Honors its Long-Serving Staff


Frank (Dusty) Bublin is pictured mowing the RBR football field,  Red Bank Regional High School (RBR) recently recognized the dedicated service provided to the school district by fifty-four staff members in whose service ranges from 15 to 40 years.  The honor of the most senior staff member was received by Frank (Dusty) Bublin, part of our building and grounds team.


RBR Principal Risa Clay, who was also recognized for 23 years of service stated, “RBR has received so many accolades, we thought it important to recognize longevity of service. These awards also communicate to new staff that RBR is a great place to work. Recent accolades such as’s Best Faculty and Best Place to Work support this premise….Whether it is our classroom teachers or our support staff, the wealth of information and dedication offered by our dedicated senior staff directly benefits the school district, especially its students and families.”          


The list of the honored staff members follows by category:




SCHOOL YEAR 2015-2016

15 Years to 19 Years______________________________________________________

Acuna, Vanna

Alter, Mark

Buffaloe, Myra

Canning, Gail

Choback, Alan

DePolo, Steven

Dorn, Cassandra

Ferris, Scott

Grillo, Carl

Hansen, Ann

Hansen, Lynn

Kanuga, Jennifer

Kessler, Marlene

Kirk, Margaret

Light, Jeffrey

Lisko, Dawn

Liss, Stacy

Martin, Scott

Mondaca, Marisol

Murray, Dorianne

Olsen, Bradley

Pabon, Manuel

Shulman, Teresa

Smith, Kathleen

Spencer, Michelle

Zitzman, Valerie

Zook, Kristopher


20 Years to 24 Years______________________________________________________

Barrett, Denise

Beckett, Barbara

Bellezza, Nancy

Celestino, Marilee

Clay, Risa

D’Albero, Ernest

DeCotis, Michael

DeRoos, Faith

Eads, Susan

Emrich, Christina

Howley, Mary

Joiner, Patricia

Orrigo, Debbie

Rocco, Diane

Washington, Cheryl


25 Years to 29 Years______________________________________________________

Blackwell, Kathleen

Carotenuto, Donna

Cerbone, Jospeh

Karlo, Mary

Kelly, Sue

McCormack, Patrick

McGowan, Lynn

Robinson, Erika


30 Years to 39 Years_____________________________________________________

Colton, Bernice

Hughes, Valerie

Quinn, John


40 Years  ­­­­­­­­­-

 Frank (Dusty) Bublin