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RBR Collaboration Ensures a Very Merry Christmas for Many RBR Families

RBR Collaboration Ensures a Very Merry Christmas for Many RBR Families

 RBR SOURCE Director Suzanne Keller, Youth Development Specialist Regina Cochrane and RBR BUC Backer Foundation member Claire

Every year, the Red Bank Regional (RBR) SOURCE Foundation, tries to make the holidays brighter for its families in need.  This year, partnering with the RBR BUC Backer’s Foundation, The SOURCE was able to quadruple their efforts to help most families through their Virtual Giving Tree program.  Over $5,000 in gifts was donated within a two-week period that will benefit over 30 families.

            Suzanne Keller, the SOURCE Director explains, “Our clinicians know the needs of our families and we obtain specific information on what our families can use for the holidays. We would ask for donations among our staff and the school community by placing the requests on a giving tree in the school.”

            Enter Claire Harbeck Izzo, RBR BUC Backer member and Constant Contact administrator, who thought that people might be more inclined to give if the process was simplified on-line. Through an amazing tool called Sign-Up Genius, Mrs. Izzo created a virtual list of all the specific needs requested by the RBR SOURCE families linked it to the BUC Backer Constant Contact email service. The slots were quickly and almost completely filled.  .

            Mrs. Izzo comments, “It was a real example of BUC Pride in action. I was so excited over the school’s amazing sports season, and that excitement was just intensified into the holiday season as I witnessed such generosity.”

            Regina Cochrane, the SOURCE Youth Development Specialist, who spearheaded the project for the SOURCE Foundation, reported how RBR families shopped for, wrapped and dropped off the gifts in designated boxes in the school building. Over 70 gift cards were also collected.

            She commented, “It just made my entire holiday!”

            “Most of all,” Suzanne Keller explains, “It is priceless to know that we all could make a difference in the lives of these young people on Christmas morning.”

            The SOURCE’s mission is “To remove all obstacles that impede the success of young people in the community.”  This is accomplished by offering services free of charge to students and their families including; individual, group and family counseling, preventative medical and dental care, academic support, scholarship opportunities, and recreational and cultural events.


The Source Foundation is a 501© 3 non-profit organization.