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RBR Boys 2 Men take a Lesson on Dressing for Success

RBR Boys 2 Men take a Lesson on Dressing for Success


RBR nurse Gail Canning assisted RBR sophomore Mishael Scott how to tie a bow tie   “First Impressions could be lasting impressions,” RBR Boys 2 Men facilitator and SOURCE clinician told the young men as they stood over a table carefully selecting their choice of tie.  The neckwear was courtesy of RBR staff donations for the Boys to Men Dress for Success event held at the school on January 11.  Over 100 ties were donated for the program.

            The students were taught by Mr. Macon, as well as several RBR staff members, the simple and timeless skill of how to tie a tie from a basic tie to a Windsor knot. Along with that hands-on demonstration, motivational speaker, educator and mentor Matt Stevenson also spoke to the young men. He explained that it is their passion that will get them through life. But, he added, “The first thing people will learn about you is your appearance before they can get to your passion.” 

            “Whatever you aspire to be,” Sean Macon stated, “Research shows you should dress two steps beyond that.” He added, “Gentlemen, dressing well, and a good appearance say something about you, your character and going that extra mile. It helps others see your value.”

            The RBR’s Boys 2 Men program offers an interactive forum for young males featuring discussions and programs on topics that encourage responsibility and accountability in all areas of their lives. Such topics include: maturity and growth, family relationships, the importance of education, career planning, fatherhood, making empowering choices and the consequences to bad choices.

The SOURCE is RBR’s School-Based Youth Services Program whose mission is to remove all obstacles that impede students’ academic success.  Services range from quality mental health counseling to learning support initiatives such as Boys 2 Men.

 Sadiq Palmer