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RBR Celebrates its Academic Varsity Letter Recipients

RBR Celebrates its Academic Varsity Letter Recipients

RBR Academic Varsity Letter Recipients At its February board meeting, the Red Bank Regional (RBR) Board of Education honored its highest achieving academic stars with their very own Varsity Letter. The tradition began many years ago when the school district sought to encourage and honor academic excellence the same way it honors its top athletic achievements, with a varsity letter. In order to earn an Academic Varsity Letter, students must maintain a straight A in every marking period of the preceding year (September of 2014 through June of 2015 in this case). 

The RBR Academic Varsity Letter Winners honored were:


Sarah Baker, Joseph Ferguson, Kaylee Faragasso, and Ann Palma  



Tierney Baldwin,                    Emma  Keegan,                                  Robert  Villaluz,        

Mikayla  Byron,                     Ashley Lemmon,                                Emma Westgate,

Ryan Garley,                           Andrew Schembor,                             Paige Whittle,

Chase Hintelmann,                 Marissa Seely,                       

Ryan Humelsine,                    Jack Stamer




Colin Baker,                           Megan Dingelsteadt,              Willow Martin,

Shelley Banfield,                    Giulia Dostie,                         Ceceli McCarthy,

Ian Birn,                                  Lea Fanizzi,                            Shane Mehr,

Davis Bush,                            Christian Galindo,                  Laura Neff,

Caroline Cahill,                      Isabella Glidden,                    Erin Ostrowski,

Brad Chavero-Correa,                        Isabel Halloran,                      Chloe Sharpe,

Seamus Cochrane,                  Jacqueline Izzo,                      Sydney Sileno,

HannahDaitz,                          Harry Jain,                              Olivia Smelas,

Abigail Decker,                      Bridget Kelly,                         Raymond Soya,

Lucas  Devine,                       Curran Lane,                           Liam Tyler,

Kristin Dingelsteadt,              Victoria Lloyd,                       Stephen Zacks 


RBR Guidance Director Dawn Kaszuba comments,The overall GPA average for this group was 98.04. They are not content to get the 90, but rather strive to achieve their very best—in many ways. In addition to being great students, these kids are also peer tutors, athletes and overall well-rounded and committed members of the RBR community.”