Students have been invited to my google classroom page for updated assignments and notificaitons.
    I can be reached by email:  khomefield@rbrhs.org
    PE activities:
    MP1- Driver Education
    MP2- Volleyball and diamond sports
    MP3- handball and hockey
    MP4- pickleball and flag football
    Most Fridays are Choice Days- Students will choose one of the activities offered to participate for the day
    We have a fitness based PE program where Students will be assigned the Fitness Center and Wellness Center on a rotating schedule throughout the entire year.
    Fitness center rotation:  Every 4th class will be a fitness only day. Fitness Center and/or Wellness Center activities.
    We are concentrating on drug based information in our assessments.  Current event articles, movies and documentaries that inform our students of the dangers of opiates and other drugs will be used for these assessments.
    Make up days are posted on the equipment closet door in the gym and on my office door. 
    My office hours will be 7am- 7:30am once a week.  This is when I will be available for extra help.  I will announce the day of these office hours weekly and post my availability on the equipment closet door.
    some study guides/ handouts