• Welcome to the RBR page for sharing tips on Google Classroom.

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    • 1:1 Device Selection FAQAfter careful consideration and analysis, a determination has been made that we proceed with the deployment of Chromebook laptops, starting with the incoming freshman class in September 2017. 

      The decision to go with the Chromebooks was based on these factors:

      • The Chromebook operating system is easier to maintain, update, and is more secure from viruses.
      • It is easier to protect students from inappropriate websites with the Chromebook operating system.
      • The functionality of Chromebooks continues to improve.  Users can now work offline as well as on-line.  In addition, access to web-based instructional support and textbooks is equal or superior to the access provided by Windows-based computers. 

    • Creating a separate Google Logins - one for school and one for personal 

    • RBR Basics of Classroom - Sandy Ploe - set of 6 short videos 

    • Basics of Classroom - Getting up and running - set of 21 short videos on YouTube

    • ScreenCastify How To and Google Sites How To - Brendan McGoldrick  - a video that shows you how to add the program to your Google Chrome account, and on there is a "PD Videos" page with a few more how to videos. The two videos that I personally made are about Google Sites- one on how to make, one on how to edit.  Link to the simple Google Site that I created for my teams, it is a pretty decent example of how to make a simple web site that can be used for teams/classes/clubs.

    • Using Pinterest with Google Classroom

    • Insert Videos from your Google Drive directly into Slides

    • Equatio (used to be gmath) - extension for Chrome to write with math and science symbols in Google Docs and Forms.

    • Differentiate assignments - by default, an assignment is posted to all students in the class. You can post an assignment to individual students or multiple students in the class. BUT you can’t post to individual students if more than one class is included.
      Next to All students, click the Down arrow Down Arrow and then All students to deselect it.
      Select the students you want to post the assignment to.
      Note: You’ll see the number of students you posted to on the assignment in the class stream. To view the students’ names, click number students on the assignment.

    • Writing Research Reports the Google Way