Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. John DeBarberie

Dear Students,

This is my ninth year teaching English at this awesome high school. I encourage you to have a blast in English class. Even though you may not love English, I hope that you will love English class. 



You should know a few things about me: 


1) If you love dogs, you're a friend of mine.

2) If you love food, you're a friend of mine.

3) If you come to my class, you're a friend of mine. 



I make the same promise to all of my new students: I am the person standing between you and the door. If ever there is something in my classroom that makes you feel as if you made the wrong decision by coming to school on any day, then I am not doing my job. When you enter my classroom, you must be comfortable before you can learn anything about literature, writing, speaking, or listening. So please recognize that I will make every effort to help you have a positive experience in my class. 

I hope you have a great year.


-Mr. D









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