• August 2017

    Dear Students and Families:


    Our high school faculty, staff and administration are pleased to extend a warm and personal welcome to you and your child. Red Bank Regional continues to garner prestigious accolades. Our challenging curriculum not only earns us national recognition, it prepares our students for the next steps in their lives.


    We have experienced a very busy summer. Our building has been updated and renovated and many hours have been dedicated to preparing for the coming year. Our faculty taught many different AP, IB and honors workshops for our students. Over 120 freshmen participated in Summer Slam our freshman transition program.


    Students attended our Summer Enrichment programs. Our VPA faculty hosted a summer academy culminating in an exciting production this month. Our teachers have also engaged in meaningful professional development throughout the summer months.


    Getting involved begins with the successful completion of summer work. Every child has summer requirements that must be fulfilled before the opening day of school. It would be helpful if families ensure that students are prepared from the day they enter the building. The standards at RBR are rigorous. Students can be supported through homework help, tutoring or counseling as needed. Students should be encouraged to take advantage of> available resources.


    We are excited to announce that we are committed to providing Chromebooks to our students. We will begin this initiative by supplying devices to each of our freshmen. Devices will be assigned to students in grades 10 – 12 over the next two years. Our teachers will be using Google Classroom more and more in the future. This will streamline information for both students and families.


    Our website and Parent Portal are major modes of communication. Relevant forms may be found on our website under Parents in both English and Spanish under the tab labeled Forms . All forms are required to be completed and returned to study hall teachers by September 14th. Families are urged to sign up for our Parent Portal. The Portal allows access to important information such as grades, attendance and student schedules.


    September 7th is the first day of school for students. This will be an “A” day; September 8th will then be a “B” day. To help ease the transition for our incoming freshman students, RBR will hold 9th Grade Orientation for students on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 2:30pm at the high school. A barbeque for freshman families will follow. All information regarding orientation is posted on our website.


    We face this year with the hope and optimism that the 2017 school year will bring both new challenges and new beginnings. Thank you for your commitment to RBR and to your child’s education. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome. GO BUCS!



    Risa Clay

    Risa Clay
    732-842-8000 x1210 rclay@rbrhs.org

    Follow me on Twitter @PrincipalClay



    Student Schedules

    Available on our Parent Portal is your new class schedule indicating class blocks, teacher names, subjects and room assignments. Also appearing on each schedule is your assigned locker and locker combination. Parents, please stress to your child the importance of keeping this information secure.  In some instances, changes have been made to a student’s course selections. Any course selection changes were necessitated by scheduling conflicts. Questions concerning your schedule can be directed to the guidance office beginning AUGUST 28, 2017.


    Schedule for Opening Day: A Day

    Our opening day, September 7th, will be an A day. The second day of school, September 8th will be a B day.


    Back to School Night

    Back to School Night is scheduled for Thursday, October 5th from 7pm-9pm. As per past practice, there will be a delayed opening (9:30am) the next day. On Friday, October 6th students are expected to report to first block by 9:30am. All transportation pick-up times will be 2 hours later than usual.


    School Calendar

    Located on our website you will find our 2017-2018 school year calendar. The faculty and administration of Red Bank Regional High School place a high priority on student attendance. The classroom experience can never be replicated when students are absent.


    We appreciate your cooperation in scheduling family vacations and personal commitments during school holidays and after school hours. Family vacations during days school is in session will be recorded as “unexcused” absences. Final exams will begin June 13, 2018. These dates may change depending on inclement weather. Please be aware that the school has the flexibility to add days to the school calendar.



    Be sure to sign-up and follow me on Twitter for important school news, weather updates and pictures. You can follow me @PrincipalClay


    Parent/Family Involvement

    We welcome parents and families at RBR! There are many ways you can become involved with our school. We have a great parent organization, the RBR BUC Backers, and membership is simple. You can locate the sign-up form in the new form section of our website. There are many opportunities to volunteer and participate. It is a great way to meet other RBR families.


    RBR Parent Portal

    Families can access student report cards and attendance through the Genesis Parent Portal on our school website. Sign up for the Portal can easily be accessed 24/7 through your computer and is safe and secure. We use the Portal for important notifications and information throughout the school year. All necessary paperwork may be found using a special tab on our school website.


    BUC Pride

    It has been an extremely busy summer.  New bleachers were installed in the Field House and the RBR tennis courts were resurfaced.  We are looking forward to the Fall Sports Season with much anticipation.  Opening day for Fall Sports is September 5th.  Please mark your calendars for the RBR Homecoming Game on Friday, October 13th at 7:00 pm vs Monmouth Regional.  GO BUCS!


    SOURCE /BUC Backer Foundation Bash

    Let’s get ready for some football! On Friday, September 15th, The Source and BUC Backer Foundation will collaborate to kick off the season with an “under the lights” pre-game barbecue.  Come out and support the BUCS as we team up against the Matawan Regional High School Huskies. Barbecue begins at 5:30pm-Game time 7pm. Ticket prices for adults are $8 in advance $10 at the door, $5 students/kids, and children under 5 free.  Tickets may be purchased in advance by contacting Suzanne Keller at skeller@rbrhs.org or by phone at 732-842-8000 press 1 then 236. To donate any items please go to http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0b45adac2aabf85-pregame


    Principal’s Cup

    Several years ago we began the tradition of honoring the athletic team with the highest GPA and awarding them with the Principal’s Cup. Last year we also added an additional award for the team with the most improved GPA. Stay tuned for this year’s seasonal winners and most improved team. Student athletes will be recognized at luncheons throughout the school year.


    Federally Subsidized Breakfast and Lunch Program

    An application for a free or reduced school meal program is viewable on our website.  Families meeting the income guidelines for this program are encouraged to return a completed application as soon as possible to ensure delivery of services to your child. Families completing applications may expect applications to be processed within one week from the time of submission. Students will be responsible for their own meals during the processing period. If your child was receiving federally subsidized meals in June 2017, your child will continue to receive those meals through October 20, 2017. You must reapply by October 20th to potentially receive free/reduced priced meals after that date.


    For additional information and/or assistance completing this application please call 732-842-8000, extension press 1 then 250, for assistance in Spanish please dial extension press 1 then 437.  The high school office is open every day from 7:30am-2:30pm throughout the month of August. After September 1st the high school offices are open until 3:00pm.


    Student ID Card

    All students must have and carry their student ID. This card displays an individual barcode number for each student allowing students to use the card as a source of identification and as a means to borrow reference materials from the Media Center. In addition, the card serves as a personal debit card in the school cafeteria, eliminating the need for a student to carry cash to school. Please stress to your child the importance of keeping this card in a safe and secure place on their person at all times. There is a fee for card replacement. Parents can add money on line to your child’s lunch card through My School Bucks, it’s easy and convenient and may be accessed through our website www.rbrhs.org. Freshmen and transfer students are issued a photo ID card free of charge during the first week of school.


    School Photos/Yearbook Portraits for Underclassmen – Senior Make-Ups

    On September 7th and 14th yearbook pictures will be taken for freshman, sophomores and juniors. October 20th is the make-up date for seniors, and underclassman, both in the rear of the auditorium.  




    Military Recruiters - Federal Legislation Requirements/Exemptions

    The law requires that districts receiving Federal funds must, upon request, provide military and college/university recruiters access to the names, addresses, and telephone listings of high school students. Parents and students, who wish to receive information from the military and/or colleges/universities, do not have to sign or return this form. If this form is not completed and returned, the district will provide the military and colleges/ universities, upon request, with the student’s name, address and telephone number. Forms are available in the Guidance office and on the school website.


    Emergency Notification System

    RBR uses Code Red to power the Two River Alert system. This system is used to inform you of emergency information and closings as well as other information related to school events. To ensure that you receive our messages you must go to the Parent section of the RBR website (www.rbrhs.org) and create a new account. If you wish to receive messages from more than one of our partners you will need to create separate accounts for each. We encourage everyone to register now so you do not miss important information or alerts.


    Student Handbook

    All students receive a student handbook on the first day of school. Our handbook is available for review on our website. Take the time to review the handbook with your child. Students receive an overview of school policies by our Dean of Students during the first week of school.  All students and parents/guardians are asked to sign an acknowledgement form stating that they have reviewed school policies. Several policies are also on our website.


    Student Attendance and Absences

    Parents and students are reminded that only 10 absences are allowed in a semester (1/2 year) and 20 in a full year, regardless of whether the absences are excused or not.  Students in excess of 10 days in a semester or 20 in a full year will lose credit for their classes.  They may have to attend summer school or repeat the grade in the next school year.  Vacations are not allowed during the school year and will be recorded as unexcused absences.  Parents are also reminded to always (1) contact the Attendance Office at 732-842-8000, ext. 270 on the first day of an absence, as well as (2) submit a note for their absence upon the return stating the reason.  Parent notes for illnesses less than 3 days must state the “nature of illness” (symptoms).  Illnesses lasting more than 3 days require a doctor note.  Absences for Court, Motor Vehicle and College visit appointments require documentation only from those offices.


    Students Excused Early for Appointments

    Parents are reminded that if their child is being picked up early from school, the student must submit a note in writing before 7:30 a.m. from the parent stating the time of pick up, and the student must pick up an “Excused Early” pass from the Attendance Office to leave class at the specified pick up time and report back to the Attendance Office for the parent to sign them out.  Students may be signed out ONLY by a parent or guardian listed on either the note given or on the Emergency Contact list.  Under no circumstances may an 18-year old student sign out another sibling student.