• May 20, 2024


    Dear Colleagues, Students, and Families,


    At the heart of public education is the belief, often attributed to Thomas Jefferson, that an educated citizenry is vital to our success as a free people.  While Jefferson’s understanding of citizenry did not include everyone, the unmistakable trend in our country’s history is to ensure that everyone is included in the phrase, “We the People.” America’s strength and prosperity rests on that foundation.


    The diversity of our student body has long been a point of pride for our school community, and a significant factor in the educational excellence we have achieved. RBR has a long-standing commitment to the success of all our students. The pursuit of excellence and equity for everyone is not new for us. 


    To sustain this progress and bolster our commitment, a committee led by RBR faculty took on the task of drafting a new Equity and Excellence policy for the district. The development process was highly collaborative and engaged staff, students, members of the Board of Education Policy Committee, as well as the broader community.


    When implemented, this policy will intensify our efforts: 


    • To identify and address bias, whether systemic or implicit, that hinders students from realizing their full academic potential. 
    • To broaden participation in the wide range of options for students in academics, extracurricular activities, and athletics at our exceptional high school.
    • To sustain ongoing efforts aimed at enhancing cultural competency and reinforcing instructional practices that maximize success and reflect the diversity of our student body
    • To craft diverse and compelling postsecondary pathways that engage the interests and aspirations of our students.
    • To ensure that curriculum, extracurricular activities, and athletic programs are aligned with the diverse interests and backgrounds of our students.


    What has emerged from a year-long development process is a document that goes beyond compliance and represents a binding and moral commitment to the well-being and the success of all. It is a document that the district can be proud of.


    On May 15, the policy was formally presented, and the Board of Education held the first public reading of the document. The policy is currently under review and the Board of Education will be voting on its adoption on June 12. You can access the policy here.English Espanol.



    Louis B. Moore