Board Members

About the Board

  • 2023-2023  DISTRICT GOALS

    1.  Promote equity and excellence for all students by expanding access, enrollment and achievement in programs that strengthen college and career readiness.

    2.  Ensure that our program promotes the growth of all students as individuals and integrates instruments and structures to appropriately challenge and enable all students to realize their full potential.

    3.  Continue to support a school culture and environment based on the "whole child" model that promotes the physical, social, academic,and emotional growth of all students.

    4.  Strengthen school-community relations.

    5.  Recruit and retain high quality staff.



    1.  Provide equitable distribution of resources, instruction, opportunity and participation.

    2.  Support Administration on implementing District Goals.

    3.  Informed and engaged promotion of the School District. 

    4.  Streamline operations of Board meetings in respectful, efficient manner

  • The Board of Education is composed of nine citizens elected from our constituent districts. Representatives are elected on the basis of constituent population - two from Little Silver, five from Red Bank, and two from Shrewsbury. As Board members, they establish policies and oversight for the Red Bank Regional School District.

    Board members fulfill three-year terms and serve the residents and children of the Red Bank Regional school district without pay. These Board members make important decisions that affect the educational offerings for our children, but welcome and encourage the public to take an active role in the educational process as well. Members of the community can attend all Board meetings to ask questions and express opinions.