Superintendent's Welcome

  • Dear Students and Families,


    Long ago, the writer Henry David Thoreau wrote to his friend about the importance of aligning your work with your values and dreams.  “It is not enough to be industrious; so are the ants,” he noted. He then asked the essential question: “What are you industrious about?”


    In his lifework, Thoreau combined a robust skepticism for the status quo with a call to do all we could do to make things better.  Your education is the foundation for your lifework and will be worthwhile only if you have learned to think constructively, communicate effectively, and find your own path


    Let’s all remember Thoreau’s challenge and stay mindful as we move forward this year:


    -Mindful that your grades are important but that inquiry, curiosity, and understanding are even more essential to your growth and happiness.


    -Mindful that success is something we all desire, but that it rarely comes easy. We will all experience setbacks. The key is never to give up.


    -Mindful that even in the face of peer pressure, we stay true to ourselves and do what is right even if it’s not easy.  Demand the best from yourself and always be respectful of everyone.


    Finally, let’s continue to be mindful of the fact that RBR is a second home to over 1,300 individuals.   Listen and learn from others, including those with different opinions, cultures, and backgrounds. You will be amazed by what you have in common as well as what you will discover.


    Keeping our school moving in a positive direction, serving your community, and putting forth your best effort are not easy tasks.  But I also know that individually and collectively we will succeed at any challenge we put our minds to. As always, it is a privilege to be your superintendent.  Go BUCS and have a great year!




    Louis Moore