Superintendent's Welcome

  • Dear  Colleagues, Families and Students:


    We begin the school year confronting challenges that few of us thought we would ever face.  While the situation is novel, we will rely on long-standing strengths to carry us through.  As a community, we will continue to meet our individual and shared responsibilities to support and protect each other.  As always, we will ensure that all our students have access to excellent programs and the assistance they need to thrive.


    Regardless of the challenges that lay ahead, we will address them from a position of strength.   We are strong because we have learned a great deal since the pandemic hit us.  We have learned how to use technology and other resources to make the most of remote learning.  In preparation for the upcoming school year, teachers and administrators have developed effective strategies to maximize learning with the hybrid schedule that has been developed.  We remain strong because of the resources that are available to all students at RBR, including our school counselors and Source clinicians.


    Finally, we are strong because of the support we receive from our community partners.  Organizations, families, and individuals have stepped up to provide meals and support to RBR families.  We remain grateful for all those who assisted with the wonderful celebrations held for our graduates last spring.   


    Since March, the entire RBR community has responded with courage, determination, and compassion to the crisis.  I know that things will be getting better but in the meantime the actions we take as now individuals are absolutely essential in keeping everyone safe.  In the truest sense, our fortunes and interests are bound together.


    Although the pandemic will continue to shape the present, we must also do our part to prepare for the brighter days to come.  COVID-19 has illuminated the interconnectedness of our world, the importance of science, and the indispensable role that education plays in sustaining our democracy.  More than ever, education is essential for individual success and the well-being of our society.  I know that you will continue to hold up the high standards of our school and always do your best as students and citizens.


    At RBR we strive—as we always have—to remain engaged, to serve, and to make our world a better place.  Please accept my best wishes for a rewarding, productive, and safe school year.  All the best everyone.  



    Louis Moore