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    Gifted and Talented Program Criteria, Programs/Services, and Policies

    Program Updates 


    Identifying Gifted and Talented and Twice Exceptional Learners


    Red Bank Regional High School District uses multiple measures to identify gifted and talented students in the areas of intellectual abilities, creativity, or specific content areas. The identification process includes the consideration of all students, including the District’s English language learners and those with Individualized Education Plans or 504 plans. All Students will be evaluated based on the criteria listed below in all of the following areas:   English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Language, Early Childhood Education, Engineering, Finance, Information Technology, VPA- Performing, and VPA- Visual. 

    RBR Gifted and Talented Identification Process New Students to the District, includes incoming 9th graders

    RBR Gifted and Talented Identification Process Grade 9

    RBR Gifted and Talented Identification Process Grades 10-11

    This process is conducted annually and allows for movement between the academic levels on an ongoing basis.   

    Services and Programs

    Teachers across all academic levels differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students, including those who are exceptional.  All staff participate in professional learning that supports differentiated instructional models.  Highlights for over the past three years include training in Rutgers Writing, Sheltered Instruction Protocols, Differentiated Instruction,  and Culturally Responsive Education. Strategies and methods to differentiate instruction for gifted and talented students are also included in the district's curricular documents. Identification as gifted and talented does not determine program choices.  Pull-out programs for G and T, which are commonplace in K-8 schools, are not offered in high schools due seat-time requirements set by the Department of Education for course credit hours. All students at RBR have full access to our curricular and extracurricular offerings. Students who are identified as G and T are encouraged to take advantage of these programs to enrich their educational experience and may want to review course choices to ensure their classes are sufficiently challenging. Any changes can be made by contacting the student’s school counselor.  The G and T identification is not part of a student’s academic record and is not noted on their transcript.


     Gifted and Talented Enrichment Opportunities


    Policies and Procedures

     Policy 2464: Gifted and Talented Students 


    Appeal Process

    If a student is not identified in one or more of the Gifted and Talented Categories list above, Red Bank Regional’s appeal process requires additional information that will be evaluated by the Gifted and Talented Committee.   This team will make the final decision as to whether the student will earn the distinction of Gifted and Talented for each particular area.  The appeal form is due within two weeks of the Gifted and Talented Notification.  

    Gifted and Talented Appeal Process


    Additional Information


    Any questions about the curriculum, the recommendation process for enrollment in the various academic levels, and the Gifted and Talented Program, please contact Ms. Michelle Blano, Director of Student Counseling and Health Services (732) 847-8000, ext. 261.


    Complaint Process for Noncompliance

    For information on issuing a complaint about the program, please see Policy 9130.