Red Bank Regional Curriculum

  • Welcome to the Red Bank Regional curriculum site! This site offers a general review of our district curriculum and will be updated with new resources as they become available.  You will see that our district is using the Rubicon Atlas digital platform to share our curriculum guides with students and families.  Please note that only new and revised courses will be posted so not all courses are available in this format.  At present, core classes in grades 9 and 10 and many electives can be viewed. New courses will become available throughout the academic year.


    An important emphasis is the development of the skills, attitudes, and habits of mind that are rooted in the subjects we teach.  For example, teachers are infusing vital literacy skills across subjects to support students in becoming critical readers and effective writers. Similarly the instructional program in mathematics embeds modeling and reasoning skills throughout the course sequence.


    Should you have questions regarding the Atlas system and its content, please contact:

    Louis Moore, superintendent, at or 732-842-8000, ext. 247.


    Click here to access the Rubicon Atlas Curriculum Site.