• The mission of RBRHS is to ensure academic success and personal growth of all students. In keeping with that philosophy, RBR High School provides opportunities for students to explore personal interests by offering a number of extra-curricular clubs and activities:

    1. To be eligible to participate in co-curricular activities, a student must comply with the following requirements:
    2. For activities during the first semester a pupil must have received a passing grade in six courses,equaling 27.5 regular high school diploma credits for the preceding year.
    3. For activities which began during the second semester a pupil must have received a passing grade in each of six courses equaling 13.75 regular high school diploma credits at the close of the preceding first semester.
    4. Any student who is a member of a school activity and receives report card notification that he/she is failing two or more subjects, will be deemed “ineligible” for all extra-curricular activities. The student may remain as a member of the activity only with the following restriction and requirements:
      1. The student must participate in a daily after-school study period.
      2. The student may not represent the school at any seminar, meet ing, production, competition or game. A student may re-establish eligibility when district Interim Reports are issued during the subsequent marking period. Upon review of the Interim Report data, a student may be deemed to be in compliance with the district Co-Curricular Participation guidelines and regain “eligibility” status.
      3. If a student does not participate in the mandatory after-school study hall, he/she will renain “ineligible” to participate in any school sponsored activity for the remainder of the marking period.
    5. For safety reasons, in individual circumstances, students may be permitted to practice during this period of ineligibility.
    6. Additional criteria to be used: WF will be a failure for that marking period only; Incompletes will be counted as failures until work is completed; in Semester courses the final grade will be utilized.
    7. It is the Athletic Director’s and Student Activities Coordinator’s responsibility to monitor the marking period failure list and advise coaches/advisors of ineligible students.
    8. It is the coach/ advisor’s responsibility to implement corrective procedures to assist students in achieving academic success during this period of ineligibility. This includes, but is not limited to, tutoring, success contracts, study sessions, etc.
    9. A student suspended from school for unsatisfactory conduct or any other reason will not be permitted to participate in any co-curricular activity until reinstated.
    10. Unless given special permission by the Principal, a student must be present in school the day of a scheduled activity. If the activity occurs on aweekend or holiday, the student must be present in school on the preceding school day.
    11. Students must file a “Physical Eligibility Form,” signed by a parent or guardian for each sport prior to the first practice session and a “Medical Exam Form” indicating that he/she has passed a sports physical examination admini-stered by the school physician or physician of choice. They early exam must be done after June 15th to be eligible for the following school calendar year. Sports physicals are offered three times yearly for Summer/Winter/Spring sports.
    12. No award of any monetary value may be accepted by any athlete from an individual or an organization not under jurisdiction of the administrationof the school without the approval of the Board.
    13. A player is subject to permanent or temporary suspension from participation in inter-scholastic athletics for violation of the Constitution and Bylaws of the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association, the rules of good sportsmanship, or the rules of a particular game.
    14. No student shall be eligible for high school athletics after the expiration of eight consecutive semesters following his entrance into high school. In the case of a discharged military person, adjustments of this rule as may be deemed equitable can be made.
    15. An athlete becomes ineligible for high school athletics if he/she attains the age of nineteen (19) prior to September 1. However, any athlete attaining age nineteen on or after September 1 shall be eligible for the ensuing school year. A 9th grade student becomes ineligible for 9th grade athletics if he/she attains the age of sixteen (16) prior to September 1.
    16. A student must maintain a good school citizenship record at all times to be eligible to participate. Any student who fails to maintain good citizenship and show good sportsmanship may be declared ineligible at any time.
    17. The administration reserves the right to withdraw any athlete at any time even though he/she meets the minimum requirements imposed by the N.J.S.I.A.A. The administration feels that students should realize that their academic standing is more important to their future than maintaining their present athletic progress.