Strength & Conditioning Philosophy

     My teaching philosophy and coaching philosophy directly correlate with one another, revolving around the whole student or student athlete. My goal as RBR’s Strength and Conditioning coach is to build mentally and physically strong individuals while preventing and managing injury. I believe in “Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD)”. LTAD is a systematic approach to develop sporting excellence and increase active participation in local, regional, and national sport organizations. Beyond the scope of physical wellness, we will build self-confidence, stronger work ethic, and determination. Student athletes will train hard and recover smart, while participating in an after-school program throughout the year. Strength and Conditioning provides opportunities for the entire RBR community to challenge themselves in our school’s fitness and wellness centers.




    Jack Provine CSCS, Pn1, USAW L1

    Head Strength & Conditioning Coach


    Twitter: @BucStrength

    Instagram: @rbrstrength