District Goals

  • In Support of the RBR Strategic Plan, the Board of Education has adopted the following District Goals for the 2016-17 School Year. For more updates or to view the entire Strategic plan.

    Goal 1: To expand the use of educational technology, including Google School platforms, to increase student engagement and technology integration into the instructional program.

    Train RBR staff to serve as Google coaches to support colleagues with the integration of Google Applications for educators
    To provide professional development for RBRHS faculty on the use of Google classroom
    Establish an Instructional Technology Committee to advise on professional development and other needs

    Goal 2: Consistent with the direction of the Strategic Plan, to establish new and strengthen existing academy programs.

    To focus on the restructure of the sports medicine and management pathway into a 4 year academy
    Propose coursework and predict staffing and facility needs to restructure the Early Childhood CTE program into an Education CTE 4-Year Academy.

    Goal 3: To expand access to and enrollment in programs that link students to real world career options and college readiness experiences. These programs include dual enrollment courses, AP and IB programs, as well as programs that serve the needs of both college-bound and non-college bound students.

    Increase enrollment in upper level courses including honors option, dual credit, AP, IB Programs
    Increase dual enrollment courses to meet the needs of all students
    Expand efforts to inform all students and families about the benefits of AP and IB programs

    Goal 4: To increase communication and collaboration between the district, our communities and families with the objective of increasing awareness, involvement, and engagement.

    Encourage RBR enrollment by increasing the number of Academy presentations for students and their families at sending schools
    Strengthen and maintain articulation through inter-district department and administrative meetings
    Establish Saturday sessions with the Superintendent

    Goal 5: To explore facility needs and options to address enrollment increases and instructional needs.

    Hire a new district architect to work with staff to address curriculum and enrollment needs
    Conduct a demographic study to plan for enrollment changes