• Emergency Contact Information - In order to have the most current contact information for your child, I encourage you to fill out and return the Emergency Information card. It can be found in your child’s RBRHS Handbook or on the RBRHS website.


    Sports Physicals – Each student athlete who wishes to participate in a high school athletic team must have a physical exam. Sport Physicals can be performed by the student’s healthcare provider and documented on the NJ Dept. of Health, four (4) page Physical Examination Form, then turned in at the Health Office, prior to sport participation.  Or, Sport Physicals could be performed by the school physician. A free physical is offered three times each year (prior to each athletic season).  Check our website www.rbrhs.org for dates and forms or come to the Health Office.  The physical must be conducted within 365 days prior to the first day of official practice.  A ‘Health History Form’ must be filled and signed by parents for every sport season.


    Physical Exams – All students should have a physical examination at least once during high school by their healthcare provider even if they don’t participate in the sports program. 


    Self-Administered Medications – If your child will be using a self-administered inhaler or Epi-Pen, the Asthma and/or a Food Allergy Anaphylaxis Plan is required.  Only Epi-Pens, Inhalers and Diabetic supplies can be self carried.  The signature of both parent/guardian and physician is required.  Please call the Health Office for the appropriate form or download from the website.  As school policy requires this permission slip be on file prior to use of medication in school, please return the Treatment Plans to the Health Office prior to the start of school.


    Medication – All other meds, including over the counter, must be kept in the nurse’s office with proper paperwork. Any medication, including over the counter medication administered in school must be accompanied by a written order from a physician and parental permission.  Prescribed medication must be in a labeled prescription bottle with specific instructions.  Over the counter medication must be in the original bottle.  Please call the health office for the permission slips or you may download them from the website.


    Screenings- screenings are performed annually on all students. Screenings are Height, Weight, and Blood Pressure for all students; Vision for sophomores and Audio for juniors. Scoliosis is checked on freshman and juniors – if parents want to opt out of Scoliosis screenings then may send an email to me at DRosenhaight@rbrhs.org and state their child’s name, grade and their wish to opt out of scoliosis screenings.


    Please call with any medical concerns or questions at (732) 842-8000 Ext 241


    School Nurse

    Deborah J Rosen-Haight RN BSN NJCSN
    Ext. 241

    Aurora Hankins, RN
    Ext. 371



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