• The purpose of social studies education is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to be active, informed, responsible citizens and contributing members of their communities. 


    Red Bank Regional High School’s vision of social studies instruction is one that fosters, for all students, the ability to understand their world and to have an appreciation for the heritage of America with a high degree of literacy in civics, history, economics and geography. In achieving this vision, students must:

    • Acquire a basic comprehension and appreciation of American traditions and values based on knowledge of history and of the development and functioning of the American constitutional system of government
    • Develop critical thinking skills which enable them to function as lifelong learners and to examine and evaluate issues of importance to all Americans
    • Acquire basic literacy in the core disciplines of social studies and have the basic concepts needed to apply this knowledge to their lives as citizens
    • Identify world history as the context for United States history and as a record of the great civilizations and cultures of the past and present
    • Participate in activities that enhance the common good and increase the general welfare

    In order to assist students to reach this vision, Red Bank Regional High School is committed to:

    • Embracing the idea that all students can learn at high levels
    • Promoting the teaching of critical thinking but also include appropriate content knowledge;
    • Valuing the needs of students as key elements in instructional planning
    • Including the full spectrum of social studies including civics, world history, United States and New Jersey history, economics, and geography;
    • Providing adequate resources to all classrooms
    • Connecting curriculum and instruction to assessment through the use of both traditional objective tests and performance assessments.

    New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Social Studies



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