• Red Bank Regional High School offers language instruction in Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish. Our vision of instruction is one that fosters, for all students, the ability to communicate in these languages and to have an appreciation for the cultures of others.




    • Language is the universal connector that facilitates cultural understanding; all languages are valuable to teach and learn.
    • A multi-lingual society fosters diversity, respect for others, and greater opportunities for all children.
    • Language learning is an integral part of the American education system; it is for ALL children, it starts early, and is a life-long endeavor.
    • All students can achieve language proficiency when taught by a skilled teacher in a well articulated, standards-embedded program.
    • Collecting and analyzing evidence of student performance facilitates effective and reflective teaching.
    • High quality professional development is critical to equip educators with the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance student language learning.




    A 21st Century Imperative makes the case that U.S. global competence in the 21st century is not a luxury, but a necessity. Whether engaging the world, or our culturally diverse homeland, the United States' future success will rely on the global competence of our people. Global competence must become part of the core mission of education—from K-12 through graduate school.

    Why is Language Education Important? Click here to view the video



    Robert Donohoe
    Ext. 230