Inspire Academy

  • Inspire Academy is a credit recovery program for students struggling to reach graduation requirements in the traditional classroom. It was created as part of the multi-tiered system of supports available at RBR. It provides young adults the opportunity to achieve academic success through a personalized and flexible educational program that reflects individual students' interests, strengths, and needs.


  • Students are identified through Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) which is a tiered system of supports at RBR. Eligibility is determined using a number of factors. Students may demonstrate chronic absenteeism, loss of credits, school refusal, medical or mental health difficulties, apathy toward traditional schooling or transience leading to significant loss of instruction and loss of credit.


  • For students that have fallen behind on credits, making them up can become an insurmountable problem – especially if the only option is to earn credits on the regular school schedule. In the efforts of addressing this issue, Inspire Academy was created to meet the needs of students unable to be serviced in the traditional classroom. Inspire Academy utilizes a blended learning model combining online curriculum and face-to-face activities and instruction. Students may participate in Inspire Academy for one course or all of their core content areas. This program is self-paced and awards credit based upon competency rather than completion of a certain number of seat hours. Inspire Academy is not a special education program.


  • ● An alternative pathway towards a NJ High School Diploma
    ● Blended learning utilizing self-paced online curriculum and direct instruction
    ● An educational program based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, the Common Core State Standards, and the graduation requirements of Red Bank Regional High School
    ● Individually-designed plans that support students’ strengths to meet their academic, personal and career goals
    ● Positive behavioral supports
    ● Support of a licensed mental health clinician via The Source, RBRHS’s School-Based Youth Services Program.
    ● Social-Emotional Learning
    ● Study Skills and Life Skills to increase postsecondary success.


  • A system of levels and positive behavioral supports are utilized to provide a feedback system to students and promote student engagement. This feedback is rooted in positive, proactive, and preventive approaches including:


    ● Daily group check-ins with a mental health clinician
    ● Social-Emotional Learning
    ● Character Education
    ● Teaching Expectations
    ● Class Dojo
    ● Rewards and Incentives
    ● Group and individual counseling based upon student needs


  • The mission of the Inspire Academy is to provide an alternative educational program to students struggling to reach graduation requirements. Inspire Academy provides a highly individualized and rigorous academic program, utilizing the student's unique skills in a flexible setting to maximize student academic learning potential and successes.

  • For more information about Inspire Academy please contact

    Erin Pinto, Supervisor of Inspire Academy
    Telephone: 732-842-8000 ext. 231
    101 Ridge Road Little Silver, NJ 07739