• Mission Statement:

    The Freshman Academy provides a rigorous academic plan where teachers use differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all students.  It educates students with social-emotional tools and resources to help navigate high school.  All Freshmen participate in the Freshman Academy.

    The Academy provides a Freshman mentor program, collaborates with The Guidance Department, The Source, and the Student to Student (STS) Leadership program.

    Course selection takes place in the spring of their graduating year from Middle School. Guidance Counselors work with incoming students and parents/guardians (when available) to develop a plan of academic action that meets the goals and needs of the student.


    • All incoming freshmen are assigned to a House (Maroon, Gray, White) of approximately 100 students each

    • One school counselor assigned to each house

    • Each house consists of 4 cross-content curricular teams of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies

    • Common planning period for staff and guidance counselor to review progress of students and assessments/data

    • Pre-Ap Program

    • Distinguished Scholars Program

    • Ability for team meetings during common planning time with House teachers, students, and parents/ guardians as needed

    • Additional support available including

      • Peer tutoring

      • After school homework help

      • Community Tutoring Program

      • Social-Emotional Support via The Source

    • Ongoing recognition of student accomplishments via the team meeting, showcased in the school



  • Contacts

    Suzanne Keller
    Phone: Ext. 1-236
    Email: skeller@rbrhs.org 

    Christopher Desiere
    Freshman Guidance Counselor-Gray House
    Phone:  Ext. 1-213
    Email: cdesiere@rbrhs.org 
    Renee Greene
    Freshman Guidance Counselor-Maroon House
    Phone: Ext. 1-295
    Maria Byrd
    Freshman Guidance Counselor-White House
    Phone: Ext. 1-203
    Email: tmarrero@rbrhs.org