• 8th Grade Registration 2022-2023





    Dear Students & Parents/Guardian of the Class of 2026:

    The Red Bank Regional School Counseling Department is excited to work collaboratively with you and your child over the next four years.  Our department recognizes the importance of transitioning from eighth grade into high school. Therefore, we continuously strive to encourage and promote an atmosphere of unity, acceptance, teamwork, and respect.

    We pride ourselves on making sure the individual needs of all of our students are met.  Our team will work to help your child reach their highest potential in high school.  Each counselor will meet with your child throughout the school year and will:

    • Help each student transition from eighth grade to high school.
    • Get to know each student through individual and group sessions.
    • Encourage participation in extracurricular activities inside and outside of the school.
    • Support the student academically through providing support and connections between the teacher /student/parents or through peer tutoring and homework help.
    • Support the whole family and RBR community as needed, with the SOURCE, for academic and emotional support and growth.
    • Plan a comprehensive college and career pathway for each student.

    Due to the closing of our schools, we have created a video to help assist you and your child in the course selection process.  This video can be found on our website, under the Student Services tab, click on School Counseling tab and on the left side of the page click “Eighth Grade Registration”.

    In addition to watching the video, please review our “Course of Study 2022-2023” guide located under the school counseling tab.  Once you have completed watching the video, you will be required to fill out the attached “Freshman Course Selection” paperwork and review the “Health Office Requirements” information sheet.  


    The course selection sheet must be returned to the Red Bank Regional School Counseling Office via mail or scanned and emailed to mdivers@rbrhs.org.  If you scan and email your paperwork, you must write “9th Grade Registration” in the subject line.

    Best Regards,

    Michelle Blanco
    Director of School Counseling & Health Services