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    "The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program has and will be an important asset to my collegiate academic career. With the experiences had and the connections made, I understand that the education I received at the high school level with this program is invaluable, especially considering the implications that being internationally-oriented can have on a student. Through this program, I learned the ability of time management and reflection in addition to the coursework itself. Going into college with 3/4 of a semester already in the books due to the credits I had received because of taking courses in this program left me with a significant leg up on my peers at The College of New Jersey. IB allowed me to become a more holistically well-rounded student. In this regard, the program allowed me to connect with the community at large and assist in a variety of service projects. Overall, to say that the IB Diploma Program was one of the better decisions I have made in my life would be an understatement."

    -Kevin J. Burke III, IB Diploma Programme President, Class of 2015
    "The IB Diploma program definitely helped in the college transition. Many of my credits transferred, over 20. Unfortunately for the program I am in, there was a cap at the amount of credits that could be transferred. Despite this, I got placed out of 5 classes which left room to take classes for my minor, Spanish, and also take classes from my sophomore year that will alleviate some of the workload next year. Due to IB, I have found that my Spanish speaking level is very high, and for this reason I have the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica my junior year in order to fulfill the requirements for a Spanish minor and also volunteer at a pediatric clinic for my major. In addition to all these things, the IB diploma program workload significantly prepared me for the workload I would see in college and enabled me to time manage very effectively. Overall, I'm very happy with my choice to do the IB Diploma program and would recommend it for anyone pursuing any field."
    -Sarah Baker, IB Diploma Candidate, Class of 2016
    "I am studying abroad in Greece right now through Northeastern’s freshmen international program (NUin). I go to a small college here, The American College of Thessaloniki, and on the first day I walked in there were IB Diploma signs everywhere. And as it turns out a lot of students in this program with me (all Northeastern Freshmen) are actually former IB Diploma students as well, which really is not surprising but was something that really stood out to me. It's really cool to meet people from all over the world who did IB Diploma in high school and how basically everything we learned was exactly the same whether the person be from Lebanon or New York. I think that anyone currently in IB should really look into this program because the global values and the enjoyment of the service component is really a quality in most people here and this type of program isn’t that common. I feel great about the ties I have with the IB program and how it has allowed to make strong connections here. I feel like the work load here was a shock to many people but I found the transition to be fairly easy, and so do most of the other IB students. It is really hard work and a huge work load but I feel like I was very prepared and knew what to expect because of IB."
    -Casey Judge, IB Diploma Candidate, Class of 2016
    "IB prepared me for the real world. The rigor of the course combined with the worldly curriculum gave me a taste of the future. Though difficult at times, I have no regrets associated with the program. I would recommend this program to any student who is looking to reap awards from an arduous program."
    -Amanda Kowitski, IB Diploma Candidate, Class of 2014

    "Our teachers not only prepared us for life after high school by making us better students, but they have made us better thinkers and better, stronger individuals…The program was challenging, but rewarding in multiple ways. It gave us a chance to develop our strengths and weaknesses and maintain a rigorous academic commitment while still engaging in extracurricular activities….Honestly, it might have been the best preview to the real world that high school can provide."

    -Brendan Hickey, IB Diploma Programme President, Class of 2014