• https://www.educere.net/



    1.     Go to https://www.educere.net  and search for the appropriate class. Original credit courses are “Complete” courses at the “High School level”.  Use the Course Finder tool to search.  Choose Full (full year course), ½ (semester course), or ¼ (marking period) credit equivalent.  Most courses are self-paced. See your counselor if you are unsure. 


    If you already have the course number, simply input the number into the box on the top right-hand side of the homepage and go straight to Checkout. 


    2.     Add the course to your cart.  Review your selection for accuracy.  Select “Yes” or “No” next to the question as to whether or not you are a prospective NCAA student-athlete.  Continue to Checkout.


    3.     Enter School Code:  JDIQYIZM


    4.     Enter Primary Contact for RBR:  Choose your counselor’s name from the dropdown list.  Then, click “Next”.


    5.     Complete all student contact information.  Select “Year-Long, Semester, Original Credit” at the bottom of the page.


    6.     Acknowledge understanding of all terms and conditions.


    7.     Input payment information.  Paying with a credit card will result in the shortest processing time. Courses take an average of 5 days for processing before they are available for use. 


    8.     Click “Finish” to complete registration.  You will receive a welcome e-mail when your course has been set up.  Good luck!