• The school counseling program in the Red Bank Regional High School District is an integral part of the total educational process. The program is designed to help the student gain the maximum benefit from the high school experience. It fosters self-examination, self-evaluation and consideration of alternative strategies through individual and group counseling. Career and academic planning are important components of the department's services.

    The school counselor can help the student evaluate personal strengths and weaknesses, which will assist in establishing and achieving realistic goals. The counselor is trained and knowledgeable in interpreting standardized tests, providing the most current information regarding the opportunities available in higher education and indicating the projections for future growth areas in the work force. 

    Counselors consult and work cooperatively with all members of the school staff to facilitate the student's progress. 

    Although counselors will routinely schedule conferences during the school year, appointments can be made at any time when seeking assistance with personal concerns, when researching career opportunities or wishing to obtain information for the college planning process.





  • Director of School Counseling

    Jason Sabino
    Ext. 214


    School Counselors

    Anita Caamano

    Ext. 203


    Chris Desiere

    Ext. 213


    Mike DeCotis

    Ext. 327


    Renee Greene


    Ext. 295 



    Amy Lombardo

    Ext. 203


    Shalene McLaughlin

    Ext. 264





    Student Assistance Counselor


    Lori Todd

    Ext. 342


    Administrative Assistants

    Kendra Bodin 
    Ext. 251


    Amanda Monteforte
    Ext. 214