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Rutgers Writing Program is Coming to RBR!

We are excited to announce that Red Bank Regional High School is partnering with the Rutgers University Writing Program to ensure all students are ready to meet college-level writing expectations.  The cornerstone course, Expository Writing 101, will be offered to seniors starting in the 2020-2021 school year.  Students will explore a series of current non-fiction texts that are chosen to spark discussion, debate, and critical thinking.  A series of writing experiences will inspire students to engage with these texts to develop original arguments and interpretations that are supported by textual evidence. Students will receive feedback from their RBR instructor as well as Rutgers writing professors and, at the completion of the course, will be eligible to submit a portfolio of five papers to the RU Writing Program to earn Rutgers credits.  Mr. Thomas McDonough, who supervises the English, Social Studies, and ELL departments is eager to bring the program to RBR. “This is a unique opportunity that is only offered at a few school districts in New Jersey. The skills developed in this course will be invaluable to success in a wide variety of college courses, and it presents the opportunity to earn college credits from Rutgers University while also meeting the 12th grade English requirement,” he said. The course is weighted at the same level as AP and IB English courses.