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RBRHS Creative Writing and Drama Students As Lou & Liz

If you listen to “Lou & Liz in the Morning” on 94.3 FM/”the Point” you may have been surprised to hear a recent skit by a cast of RBR students.<br><br>


It all started when Meaghan McDavitt, the creative writing teacher at RBR, reached out to the show to ask how the students could promote their upcoming Winter Showcase.  Soon it was decided that the students would write, sing and perform a sketch where they impersonate Lou & Liz announcing the event.  It was a true VPA collaboration in which creative writing students prepared a script performed by a cast of VPA drama majors  The piece was then filmed by RBR Interactive Media students. Lou & Liz liked the video so much they asked the students to perform it on the air.<br><br>


According to the actual hosts, the students did a great job and “maybe sounded a little better impersonating us than we really sound!”   You can check out the video of their impersonation below.


Don’t miss the Drama and Creative Writing Winter Showcase on December 19th, at 7pm!