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    What is this course?


    Global Studies covers a


    variety of time periods,


    people and events.  The


    course begins by exploring


    early civilizations around


    the world and will go on to


    study a variety of topics,


    leading up to contemporary


    world issues.  




    Units of Study:


    • Identity and Culture

    (Geography, Early Civilizations,

    Renaissance, Reformation,

    Rise of Islam & Ottoman Empire,

    Era of Exploration)


    • Conflict

    (Enlightenment, Revolutions,

    Nationalism, Imperialism,

    Industrial Revolution, World Wars)


    • Tolerance

    (The Holocaust, Genocide,

    Creation of Israel)


    • Innovation

    (Post WWII, Cold War,

    Contemporary issues)





     “A people without


    the knowledge of


    their past history,


    origin and culture is


    like a tree without



    -Marcus Garvey