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    Students are presently learning about the elements of design and how they are used to create and 
    critique art. 

    Present element: Shape and space

    Students will define interesting space by manipulating geometric and organic shapes


    Fashion I and II

    Students in Fashion I are presently learning how to draw the 9-head scale croqui 

    Present drawing: Side, back

    Students will create the forms on a 9-head scale template

    Students in Fashion II are learning how to create shadow by cross hatching and blending

    Present assignment: Graduated shadow

    Students will demonstrate they can shadow in dimension, clothing, hair and textiles. 
    Students will work their way through all examples and move to shading in color. 


    Digital Photo

    Students are preserntly learning about resolution and editing the color of a photo

    Present exercise: Calculating resolutiong manually and in photoshop

    Students will demonstrate they can identify the size of a photo in an internet search, as well as, 
    manipulate the size of the photo without disrupting the integrity


    Digital Design

    Students are presently learning about the anatomy of typography and how to employ creativitiy 
    in graphic design

    Present exercise: Creating ga textile design from one letter form

    Students watched video interviews with David Carson and Milton Glaser; 
    based on class dicussions and videos students will create a design which 
    will employ traditional techniques of transfer and inking


    Digital Literacy

    Class has been set up in groups. Student will be creating a marketing plan for a new product as groups throughout 
    the semester by use of google docs/cloud

    Present project: Students are composing a proposal letter to a company to promote thier 
    group product. The studets will work together with their group on this project.