• Research Strategies

    Why do I have to use databases for my research?


    • Paid for by the library.  
    • Cannot be searched in Google.
    • Includes sources written by professors, scholars, journalists, "smart people", etc.
    • Authority of information is verified by experts.


    • Access is free.  No one is paying for the content.
    • Anyone can publish a website.  The information included might not verified by anyone.
    • Can be searched in a variety of search engines, including Google.
    • Must examine with a critical eye!
    Search Strategies
    Databases and Google Classroom/Drive

    It's easy to save to Google Classroom and Google Drive with our Databases. 
    It's recommended that you create your folders in Drive ahead of time when you are researching. 
    It will save you a lot of time and hassle!
    Once on the database you want.
    1- Confirm you are signed into
    2- Click Classroom and share to correct class
    Google Classroom
    Save or Download to Drive 
    Google Drive Integration