• Teaching Philosophy

    I strive to make a positive impact on every student I have the opportunity to teach throughout my career as a health and wellness educator. All individuals are unique and require a stimulating educational environment, in their own form, to be successful. My role as a teacher is to assist each student in developing his or her own potential. I strive to help students grow physically and mentally in a safe learning environment. Building motivation, self-confidence, and overall quality of life are the three pillars that contribute to the foundation of my success as a health and physical educator. By motivating and instilling confidence in each student to reach his or her highest peak, I have done my job in positively affecting that student for life. Individuals can find their own form of athleticism throughout their developmental years. This can involve simply finding one’s own path to overall fitness and wellness, or high-level competition. I continue to further my education and professional development each year in order to be the best teacher and coach that I can be.