• As a student/faculty of RBR, you have free access to a wide range of research resources. These resources are a great tool for providing reliable information for assignments and research. No login necessary (to most of them) while in school. For home access, use the login and password you were given by your teacher, or in our most recent newsletter

    If you see the Google Classroom or Drive icon at the top of the screen, click login and it will be synced on your device. Most of these research databases have direct links to Google Classroom and Google Drive, making the process of  collecting, saving, citing, and annotating much easier.

    If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Barry in the Media Center, or by email: abunn@rbrhs.org

    DATABASES (Organized by company/provider)


    ABC-CLIO- At home, use the login that was provided by your teacher, or refer to the MC newsletter



    Discovery Education

    Discovery Education

    Teachers- if you are using DE for you students, and they don't have access, let me know and we can work together to add their email addresses to the database.

    Discovery for teachers-

    CURRENT USERS – USERNAMES AND PASSWORDS If anyone has forgotten their login credentials, you can click here to reset your password: Forgot username/password

     NEW USER TEACHER PASSCODE New teachers can get started by following the simple steps below to create their individual user accounts from our school’s 87D1-9873 code.

    1. Go tohttp://www.discoveryeducation.com
      2. Click the Login button at the top right of the page
      3. Select the Passcode/Create New User link at the lower left of the screen and enter your school’s unique 8-character passcode(see attached)
    2. Click on Submit to create a user account and password

    galeonline  at home, use the PW provided by your teacher, or email Mrs. Barry abunn@rbrhs.org


    Gale Research Databases (provided by RBRHS)

     Login at home with the login info given by your teacher, on the MC Newsletter , or email Mrs. Barry abunn@rbrhs.org






    at home, use the PW provided by your teacher , or on the MC Newsletter



    InfoBase Databases (provided by RBRHS)

    infobase Science


    ebsco Note: This PW has changed as of 2/27/2022  At home, use the PW provided by your teacher , on the MC Newsletter, or email Mrs. Barry abunn@rbrhs.org

    EBSCO Databases (provided by RBRHS and NJ STATE LIBRARY)

    MAS Complete


    MAS Complete


    Points of View

    abcclio  at Home, use the PW provided by your teacher , or email Mrs. Barry abunn@rbrhs.org

    ABC-CLIO History Research Database (provided by RBRHS)

    jstor logo




    https://www.jstor.org/action/showLogin (provided by RBRHS)


    To access JSTOR from home, https://www.jstor.org/action/showLogin   and use the login information given to you by your teacher.