4 Year Academy Frequently Asked Questions
    How Do I Apply?
    Click on the "4 Year Academy Application" link on the left to apply. Follow the "Academy Application Instructions".
    Printed copies of the application can be obtained at RBR's 8th Grade Open House, in your middle school Guidance Counselor's office, and through the Red Bank Regional Guidance office.  
    When Is the Application Due?
    Applications are due no later than the specified date. (Wed December 2, 2020)
    Visual and Performing Arts Academy Auditions and Portfolio Reviews will be held in early January.
    Admission Testing for all applicants will be held no later than early February.
    What Academy Should I Apply For? 
    Red Bank Regional offers a wide variety of four-year Career and Technical Education programs. When deciding on an Academy, make sure it is an area the applicant is excited about and can imagine concentrating on daily for four years. While each program will prepare students for careers in a specific area, choosing a subject area does not dictate what the student will study in college or what career they will have as an adult. It is our hope that RBR's CTE programs allow students to engage in and explore a subject they are passionate about, that will enrich their high school experience before they embark on their next steps as lifelong learners. 
    Can I Apply to Two Academy Programs? Can I "Double Major"? 
    While acceptance is limited to one four-year program, applicants may apply to two programs on the application by indicating 1st and 2nd choice. Please do not select a second choice unless the applicant is passionate about that subject area and is committed should they be accepted. Red Bank Regional does allow upperclassmen to "Double Major" in two Academy programs, contingent on additional program acceptance, class availability, and room in a student's schedule. 
    What Happens After You Receive My Application?
    After we receive your application, grades, test scores, attendance, and the applicant’s statement will be reviewed. Audition appointments and Admission Testing confirmations will be sent by mail. This process takes about a week after receiving your information. 
    If I Am From Out-of-District Who Pays My Tuition? 
    When considering Red Bank Regional High School from outside our sending districts please consider: Out-of-district students pay tuition, which in some cases, is paid by the sending school district. If the sending district will not cover the tuition and/or transportation, it will be the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian. Please contact your sending district’s Business Administrator or Superintendent for this information. Your sending district is the only one that can provide payment information.  
    When Will I Know My Acceptance Status?
    You will be notified within thirty days of the Admissions Test. Acceptance letters are mailed with a contract to be signed and returned. 
    Will I Have to Take Any Other Tests? 
    After acceptance, but before scheduling, all students will be required to take placement tests in science, world language, and possibly math (only if student is currently taking Algebra 1 or above). 
    If I Am Accepted, When Will I Schedule My Classes at RBR for 2021-2022?
    In-District students have scheduling arranged through their school. Out of District students will schedule an appointment through our Registrar. Directions are provided upon acceptance. 
    Can I Take a Tour? How Does My Child "Shadow" an Existing Student?
    Interested 8th Grade applicants and their families should attend our 8th Grade Open House on October 22, 2020. 
    Unfortunately, tours and shadowing experiences have been suspended until further notice.
    Traditionally, tours can be given to 8th Grade applicants and their families who cannot attend the Open House. (Tours depend on Faculty availability). "Shadows" are half-day experiences where an incoming applicant is paired with an existing major. A student must have applied to an Academy to participate. "Shadows" are scheduled with Josephine Suarez (VPA, AOF, Early Childhood) 732-842-8000 ext. 1-227 and Maggie Kirk (AOE, AOIT) 732-842-8000 ext. 1-212. 
    I currently attend RBR as my regular education high school. Can I apply for an Academy?
    Freshmen are permitted to apply "In-House" to our 4-Year Programs. See Guidance for an In-House application and submit prior to the deadline. There are no Admissions Tests for In-House applicants. VPA applicants must complete an audition or portfolio review.  
    Visual and Performing Arts FAQ 
    How Do I Prepare My Portfolio or For My Audition?
    Review the "VPA Academy Audition Portfolio Requirements." Begin working on the portfolio requirements for your major immediately.Your portfolio or audition will reflect the amount of time you have put into it. You may need an adult to assist you in the preparation and process.
    Do I Send My Portfolio with My Application?
    Only Creative Writing Major applicants must include their four writing samples with the application. Photo and Interactive Media applicants should send their video and photo work via e-mail by December 7, 2020. All other portfolio reviews will be conducted by appointment in early January.
    How Do Auditions and Portfolio Reviews Work?
    Once you have received your appointment time, you will report to Red Bank Regional High School 20 minutes before your designated appointment. Check-in at our tables in the lobby. Student guides will lead you to your destination. Parents may wait in the designated area. Auditions/interviews are approximately 10-20 minutes. Dance auditions are all scheduled simultaneously in a two hour block.
    What Should I Do If I Don't Have an Accompanist for My Vocal Audition?
    You may bring recorded instrumental accompaniment (background vocals are acceptable) on CD, Smartphone, MP3 Player, or via YouTube, however care should be taken to find a background track of high quality that does not have advertisements that will use up audition time. Vocal applicants can check the box on the application indicating that an accompanist is needed or request an accompanist by contacting Josephine Suarez at 732-842-8000 ext. 227 two weeks in advance of the audition.  Applicants are asked to provide sheet music.