• Extended Day and In-Person Programs

    Posted by Dr. Louis Moore on 5/20/2021

    May 18, 2021


    Dear Families and Students,


    There are many encouraging signs that great progress has been made in stopping the spread of COVID-19.  The transmission rate in our county and region has dropped dramatically. Recently Governor Murphy announced that most restrictions will be lifted or curtailed as of May 19.


    In light of this, RBR will implement two important changes to support students in preparing for end-of-year tasks.  


    • An extended day schedule will be implemented from Monday May 24 to Thursday June 10. Students will follow a modified daily schedule with a 2:30 dismissal with regular bus service available.  Screening will still take place between 7:30 and 8:00 AM with Block 1 starting at 8:00 AM.  Lunch will be added along with two extension periods each afternoon. Note: Juniors and Seniors in good academic standing will have the option of leaving at 12:15 but no bus service will be available at that time. Freshman and Sophomores will be required to attend the full school day. 


    • Starting immediately, we will begin phasing out remote learning with the goal of encouraging as many students as possible to resume in-person instruction. At the present time, 908 students have already selected in-person learning as their option so for most this shift will not have any impact. Families who previously requested full-remote instruction, may request that this option be continued by completing this form (SPANISH VERSION) by Friday, May 21.  Please note that after May 24, in-person students who do not attend school will be marked as absent. 


    I realize this will require additional effort on all our parts.  But the benefits are clear and compelling.  Students who are attending school are more likely to succeed academically, are happier, and will be better prepared for the resumption of our regular school program next year.  For those students who have been falling behind, returning to school in-person can make a difference even in the final phase of the year.


    We must all do our part to ensure a strong finish for everyone. Teachers, counselors, and administrators have done a remarkable job this year and remain committed to everyone’s success as we bring this year to a close. Parents need to maintain clear boundaries and high expectations for their children. Students need to prioritize their schoolwork. I will close by thanking all of you again for your courage and dedication during the most challenging year we’ve ever faced.




    Louis Moore 


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  • MP 4 Learning Options Update - 4.7.21

    Posted by Mr. Julius Clark on 4/7/2021

    Dear Families and Students,


    As we begin the fourth marking period, we look forward to expanding in-person options for our students. Based on the survey results, we anticipate roughly 66% (approximately 845 students) enrolled in the in-person optionFor students who did not submit a response, we assumed they wished to continue with their current choice, which also factored into our approximation of students who have chosen the in-person option. 


    Based upon these estimates, we will adhere to the following procedures as outlined in Dr. Moore’s update on March 26:


    1. In-person students will attend school four days each week and participate one day remotely starting on Monday, April 12.
    2. Remote days for students will be determined alphabetically by their last name. This will allow us to reduce the student population in the building by approximately 20 percent each day. 
    3. Here is a color-coded CALENDAR of the day in which your child(ren) will be virtual for this rotation starting April 12.  Please refer to the second page of the calendar.  
    4. Your child(ren)’s learning option will be updated and reflected in Genesis by the end of this week.


    We hope to expand further in-person programs for all students in May, including eliminating the remote day for in-person students.




    Julius Clark

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  • Updated Plans for MP 4

    Posted by Dr. Louis Moore on 3/26/2021

    March 26, 2021


    Dear Families and Students,


    Today marks a number of important milestones.  In terms of the academic calendar, it is the last day for the third marking period.  The upcoming spring recess is a welcome time for us to recharge.


    In a broader sense, the beginning of spring is also a reminder that for over a year we’ve all been dealing with the worst public health crisis in our history.  All of us have been impacted and many of us have suffered immeasurable loss.  


    But these are clear signs that things are getting better. During the third marking period, participation in in-person programs has increased significantly.  By combining cohorts, over 500 students are now attending school in-person four days per week.  We also initiated targeted support programs in the afternoon for select students. Social and emotional support has also been strengthened. Through our partnership with VNA, a large portion of our staff has received at least one dose of the vaccine.


    I am happy to report that for MP 4, approximately 70 percent or 900 students selected “in-person” learning as their option.  That’s great news but it is also a challenge that will require some revisions to our restart and recovery timeline.  Here are the key updates: 


    • Instruction will be remote for April 6-9.  All athletic programs will continue in person.
    • In-person students will attend school four days each week and participate one day remotely starting on Monday, April 12.
    • Remote days for students will be determined alphabetically by their last name. This will allow us to reduce the student population in the building by approximately 20 percent each day. More details will be shared in our plan during the week of April 5.  Please see color-coded CALENDAR of the day in which your child(ren) will be virtual for this rotation starting April 12.
    • We hope to further expand in-person programs for all students in May, including the elimination of the remote day for in-person students.



    Virus transmission rates remain stubbornly high in Monmouth County.  Let’s do our part to keep our communities safe, protect the vulnerable, and bring our school year to a successful close. Please exercise good judgement over the break and act responsibly.  For those who will be celebrating, best wishes for a wonderful Passover and Easter.  


    Have a great break everyone.




    Louis Moore

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  • COVID Testing

    Posted by Dr. Louis Moore on 12/23/2020

    Dear Colleagues, Families, and Students,


    To reduce the risk of transmission and stabilize school operations, Red Bank Regional has partnered with a medical provider (“Back-to-Work Solutions”) to conduct PCR testing on campus.  This action will complement other efforts to expand testing in our community and give Red Bank Regional the capacity to identify cases in asymptomatic individuals and help reduce transmissions.  The program will be accessible to RBR staff and students, regardless of whether or not they have health insurance.  


    Some Basics:


    Why test? By testing regularly, we can identify individuals without symptoms who do not know they are carrying the virus.  This will help us to keep our school safe and expand in-person programs in all areas, including athletics and instruction.  


    Will I have to self-quarantine if I register to be tested?  Absolutely not!  The voluntary testing program is only for students and staff who do not have symptoms.  We are encouraging everyone to test as often as possible!


    Who can participate? Any RBR staff member or student (sorry: no parents,  guardians, or non-school personnel at this time)


    What will be administered? The “gold standard” PCR test with a 36 to 72-hour turnaround; the procedure is painless and takes about one minute; the results will be reported to a designated district-contact only if an individual tests positive.  Confidentially will be maintained.


    Where? In the Field House (but enter through the school main entrance at your designated appointment time.)


    When? Wednesday at 1:30 starting January with additional days to be scheduled as needed.


    Register at: https://backtoworksolutions.com/RedBankRegionalSchool.html to schedule a five-minute telemedicine visit so you can be pre-screened. You should print your prescription you’ll receive by email.


    If you would like more information about how the program works, you can click on this link: Why Test?


    Thanks and stay safe!  Go Bucs! Let’s all do our part to crush the virus and keep our school safe!  



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  • New Director of Athletics and Activities for Red Bank Regional Appointed by Board of Education on December 21

    Posted by Dr. Louis Moore on 12/22/2020

    Dear Colleagues, Families, and Students,


    This fall we engaged in a comprehensive search for a permanent Director of Athletics and Activities for our school.  Coaches, students, and families had the opportunity to share their perspectives in a community survey.  Mr. Michael Miello, the interim director, chaired a hiring committee made up of coaches, teachers, and administrators to evaluate potential candidates for this critical role.


    We were fortunate to have a strong group of applicants, but one candidate, Mr. Michael Stoia, stood out in terms of his experience, skills, and value priorities.  The hiring committee found him to be passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the success of our school.  Mr. Stoia impressed everyone with his entry plan and strong connection to the RBR community. In his presentation, he demonstrated a deep appreciation for our strengths as well as an understanding of what needs to be done to advance our programs.


    Mr. Stoia has deep experience as an educator and coach. He earned his master’s degree in school administration from Monmouth University and recently completed a multi-year internship under the Athletic Director of the Freehold Regional High School District.  He has taught history and social studies in Freehold Township High School since 2002 and currently serves as the freshmen football coach at Freehold Borough High School and the varsity girls basketball and softball coach at Freehold Township. During his career, Mr. Stoia has coached for 48 seasons of high school athletics. He is a RBR graduate and lives in Oceanport with his wife and three children.


    Mr. Stoia recently shared his excitement about joining RBR.  “As a school that combines the highest quality of education with first rate academic and athletic facilities for a

    diverse student body, I am humbled for the opportunity to come back and serve the community

    that embraced me many years ago,” he stated.  His first priorities will be to strengthen ties to sending districts and increase student involvement, even during the current health crisis.


    Mr. Stoia’s anticipated start date will be in February but he will be working closely with Mr. Miello to become acquainted with his new responsibilities.   I will be updating everyone on plans to introduce him in-person to our school community.


    Thank you,

    Louis Moore

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