• Dr. Moore’s statement on Equality and Justice

    Posted by Dr. Louis Moore on 6/4/2020

    Dear Colleagues, Students, Families:


    "In our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God."  Aeschylus 


    This spring seems determined to break our hearts.  The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted millions and taken the lives of over one hundred thousand Americans, including beloved members of our own community.  The health crisis has also exposed brutal deprivations and deep-seated inequities that afflict our society.  To make matters worse, we recently endured the horrifying spectacle of the murder of George Floyd in broad daylight by four former members of the Minneapolis Police Department.


    In the midst of the pain we are experiencing, it is understandable that we make healing our first priority.  The first step in the healing process is to listen and open our hearts to those who continue to suffer from racism and injustice.  But our efforts must go beyond recovery and police reform.  Rather, we must begin to confront the intense racial segregation and economic inequity that cripple the human spirit and undermine our democracy.  We owe it to ourselves and to each other to do our part to break from the status quo, to invest in all our communities, and to integrate and reform our educational system to bring opportunity and fair treatment to everyone regardless of their social background, zip code, or the color of their skin.


    It’s not an exaggeration to state that we are again at a crossroads.  We can continue to ignore the divisions and inequities in the United States.  Or we can shift course--as we’ve done at other critical junctures--and embrace needed reforms to make our union more perfect and bring about a new birth of freedom in our land.  Tens of thousands of our fellow citizens have taken to the streets in frustration and despair to demand equality and justice.  Despite illegal actions by a few, the vast majority of these protests have been peaceful and patriotic in the truest sense of the word.  Their cause should be our cause too.


    “Violence breeds violence, repression brings retaliation, and only a cleaning of our whole society can remove this sickness from our soul,” declared Sen. Robert Francis Kennedy in his speech honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 5, 1968.  His words are strikingly relevant today.


    Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Stay safe everyone.




    Louis Moore, Superintendent

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  • New Initiative from the Source to Assist RBR Families

    Posted by Dr. Louis Moore on 5/22/2020

    May 22, 2020


    Dear Colleagues, Community Members, Students, and Families,


    Many households in the RBR family are struggling to meet basic needs in the current crisis.  Some lack sufficient income to pay rent and some do not even have the funds for funeral expenses. 


    The Source has been working with several community partners to identify and assist those who need it most and to ensure no duplication of services or funds.  Contributions to the Source Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Fund have helped RBR families get through this crisis with rental assistance and other support.


    As we head into June and the summer months, we want to ensure that families stay in their homes.  Your generosity will impact our community and our future because it will support our students as they meet their academic requirements and pursue their dreams.  


    We invite you to learn more about The Source’s response to COVID-19, review our programs, and donate to the COVID-19 Relief Fund by visiting The Source’s new website and following us on social media:


    Facebook:  The Source at Red Bank Regional High School

    Instagram:  thesourcerbr

    Twitter: @RBR_Source


    Working together we will continue to make a difference in the lives of children, families, and our community.  





    Louis Moore, Superintendent

    Julius Clark, Principal

    Suzanne Keller, Supervisor The Source and Freshman Academy

    The Source Foundation Board of Directors

    The Source Foundation is a registered 501c3

    Federal ID#30-0045681 / Charities Registration #261-5-37149

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  • Board of Education Meeting Rescheduled

    Posted by Dr. Louis Moore on 4/29/2020
    April 29, 2020
    Dear Families, Students, and RBR Community,
    Please be advised that the Board of Education meeting scheduled for tonight has been canceled.  The budget hearing will now take place on May 6, 2019.  I apologize for the cancelation but I wanted to make sure that we respect everyone’s right to participate virtually.
    In order to ensure that the community has the opportunity to engage with their representatives, our meeting on May 6 will be conducted on-line and constituents will be able to attend virtually, ask questions, and make comments to the Board.   A revised agenda and a meeting link will be posted next week on our website as well as directions on how to attend the meeting.
    Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions or concerns.
    Louis Moore
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  • Joint Statement From District Schools Regarding Response Plan to COVID19

    Posted by Dr. Louis Moore on 3/11/2020

    This afternoon there was a joint meeting including the Monmouth County Regional Health Commission (MCRHC), personnel from Riverview Medical Center, Little Silver, Shrewsbury, Red Bank Borough, and Red Bank Charter as well as town officials, OEM, police, and a legislative representative.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the newly discovered “presumptive positive” case of COVID-19 at RBR and the proactive plans for our communities for moving forward.


    While RBR has shifted to a virtual school plan to continue its instructional program, the PreK - 8 schools will remain open until further notice.  The Monmouth County Regional Health Commision will lead a proactive effort to identify “close contacts” of the “presumed positive” RBR student. We are working in conjunction with the local school districts, the MCRHC, and local hospitals who are working directly with local physicians. We expect to have mitigation discussions on a daily basis. 


    Limiting the impact of COVID-19 will require a shared response from everyone.  We will continue to provide updates and information. Families should continue to consult these resources for information and advice.


    As this issue is both uncharted and developing, we will continue to provide information as it becomes available.

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  • Updated Drop Off Procedures

    Posted by Louis Moore on 1/17/2020

    January 17, 2020


    Dear Students and Families,


    The morning drop off continues to be a challenge, both for logistics and safety.  Please be advised of these new procedures that will be in place starting on Tuesday, January 21 to improve conditions.


    • Please make use of the Media Center drop off.  Students will have to walk to the main area entrance but this will reduce congestion on both Ridge Road and on campus.
    • Vehicles will not be able to exit via the main entrance.  All cars will be directed to the eastern entrance closest to Hance Avenue.  Police will be here to guide you.
    • Remember that Red Bank Regional staff and students will be crossing in the drop-off zones. New Jersey Traffic Laws mandate that you must stop for all pedestrians.



    Traffic congestion during arrival and dismissal times poses a potential danger to our school community, it is stressful, and has a negative impact on our environment.  You can help us to alleviate this problem by taking the following steps:


    • If you must drive your student to school, please utilize both the main entrance curve and the Media Center curve for drop off.
    • Try to reduce trips by car and carpool
    • Utilize bus service if you are eligible
    • If appropriate, consider walking or biking to school



    In the afternoon, please pick up your student after 2:50 PM.  By this time the buses have usually departed and most of the senior lot is also empty.  By arriving a little later, parents will help to reduce congestion, improve traffic flow, and greatly enhance everyone’s safety.  Students are welcome to wait in the commons and they may also study in the library until 3:00 PM and until 4:15 on homework help days.


    Thanks everyone.


    Louis Moore


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