Q. Why is RBR starting the year with an early-dismissal schedule?  

    In our response to the crisis, an on-going challenge has been to prioritize the health and safety of everyone while ensuring the continuity of our instructional program.  The hybrid schedule we will start with is built around 50-minute instructional periods in which students will learn both in-person and remotely.  Adequate time is provided at the start and end of the day for screening and a staggered dismissal.  To reduce the possibility of virus transmission, we chose not to have a traditional lunch period and provide a “grab and go” meal service.  We can rapidly shift to a full-day schedule that includes full meal service and 70-minute classes in the event that conditions improve.  If things become worse, we can also implement frameworks with increased remote learning times to reduce in-person contact.

    Q. How will the cohorts be chosen? 

    Students will be divided alphabetically, not by grade level.  If students attended by grade level, enrollment in most classes would exceed the maximum number needed to allow for appropriate social distancing. The overwhelming majority of classes at RBR are scheduled by grade level.

    Q. Will the curriculum be adjusted or modified?

    RBR is committed to offering all students access to a rich and robust curriculum, even during this time of unprecedented crisis.  Teachers will be meeting more frequently to monitor student progress and share best practices for instruction and assessment.  In addition, the curriculum will be continually monitored or “mapped” by content teams to ensure critical content and skills are being taught and learned.  This may require some shifts and adjustments in curriculum but we will always remain committed to academic rigor and high standards for all students. 

    We will also continue to articulate the College Board (SAT, AP), Dual Credit partners, and International Baccalaureate (IB), to stay informed about curriculum modifications to ensure RBR students are ready for end-of-course and other assessments. 

    Q. What will instruction and the classroom design look like in the hybrid model?

    We are excited about the prospect of returning to school for in-person learning.  But in-person learning during the health crisis will differ from your child's previous classroom experiences.  A more traditional learning environment will be in place, including student desks/chairs spaced approximately 6 feet apart in rows facing forward. 

    All students will follow their school’s start/end times and/or assigned class meeting times when participating remotely.  In addition, students will have multiple opportunities for consistent, synchronous instruction when applicable using Zoom and Google Meets as well as independent learning opportunities.  Teachers will also be available for extra-help multiple times during the week after 12:30.

    Q. What is the process to request for full remote instruction?

    As per NJ DOE guidelines, RBR will provide synchronous remote instruction for all families who make that request.  Students will follow their schedule and remain with their assigned teachers. If full-remote instruction is requested, students will have the opportunity to opt back into in-person instruction at the end of the marking period.  Please complete this form (English, Spanish) or call extension 200.  You must select this option by August 21.  You should also review the guidelines here.

    Q. Does everyone have to wear a mask at all times?

    Yes.  Wearing a mask is an effective way to reduce the risk of transmission.  Staff and students will be expected to come to school wearing a mask.  Students without legitimate medical conditions, will not be allowed to attend school in-person if they are unwilling to comply with this requirement. 

    Q. Will students be screened before entering the building?

    Yes.  We are finalizing protocols and working with service-providers to minimize the possibility of exposure to COVID-19.  Screening is an effective tool to maximize everyone’s safety.

    Q. Will the SAT be administered this fall at RBR?

    The SAT administration scheduled in school on October 16th for our seniors is still on the calendar. We are hoping to find a way to accommodate the students to take the exam in the school building while complying with state health and safety guidelines. The College Board has been made aware of the new guidelines that schools will have to follow, especially with the cohort models. The College Board will be providing updates on any testing administration modifications once they have solidified their plan of action for any test this fall.   RBR will communicate any updates to our families.

    Q. What are plans for the fall sports season?

    NJSIAA has delayed the start of the Fall Sports Season beginning with an official practice start date of September 14 and games/matches beginning Aug 28th for Girl’s Tennis, All Other Fall Sports, October 1st and Football, October 2nd. RBR will resume summer workouts August 3, 2020 for all Fall Sports and will follow all required guidelines as set forth by the NJSIAA Medical Advisory Task Force. 

    Q. How will college and career planning be handled?

    Students and Parents will continue to meet with their respective counselors for college and career planning.  When school reopens, students/parents must contact their counselors via email and request an appointment.  Counselors will plan accordingly to meet with the students/parents via in person and/or Google Meet during their confirmed appointment time. 

    *College Applications will continue to be processed as normal.  All forms will be placed online for students to download.  If a student cannot print and download, they will need to advise their counselor and pick up the papers during their scheduled meeting time.

    Students will need to bring all applications to their counselors for review.  Once the counselor certifies they are complete, the School Counseling office will process your applications.

    *Naviance is used for ALL tracking of college applications and scholarships.   

    Q. Will VPA performances and practices be happening?

    Yes.  We have not finalized a performance schedule, however, we will ensure that all students will have the opportunity to perform whether in virtual or in-person settings.  The show must go on!

    Q. How do I make an appointment with a SOURCE counselor?

    You or your child can fill out an appointment request form found online in the Student Resources Google Classroom. To sign up for the Student Resources Google Classroom please use the link below.